Yoga & Tai Chi


Why do so many spiritual people love doing

Yoga, Tai Chi and similar exercises?


The stresses and strains of everyday life often make us tense.  It may be so subtle, that it isn't even noticeable.  But unfortunately, this tension within our body and nervous system can have many negative consequences for our spiritual, physical, mental and emotional well-being.  First and foremost, it interferes with the free flow of GOD's Love and Light, through our physical, emotional, mental and finer bodies.  Plus, it can contribute to stress related diseases; impair our immune system & self-healing mechanisms; cause emotional stress and mental worries; as well as preventing a good night's sleep.  So it is helpful to have some spiritual-physical exercises which can sooth our tense, tired muscles and relieve the physical-emotional stress throughout our bodies & feeling worlds, so that GOD's soothing spiritual energies can flow freely through us as is intended by the Divine Plan.  This is the main purpose of Hatha Yoga, Tai Chi, and similar spiritual-physical exercises.


Focus on the Heart


One thing to keep in mind though, is that many of the forms of Tai Chi were developed at a time when it was thought that the greatest spiritual energy emanated from the solar-plexus, rather than the heart chakra. We now know from the teachings of the Ascended Masters and Sathya Sai Baba that the heart chakra is the ideal chakra to be focusing when doing these kinds of exercises and most other spiritual practices. In fact, we now know that focusing on the solar-plexus can often open up people to unpleasant and unsafe energies and forces from the lower astral realms. So, despite the words of the well-intentioned and otherwise competent instructors who teach these various exercises, it's best to avoid focusing on the solar plexus - always focus on the heart area while you are doing them.


In fact, a good rule of spiritual common sense is to focus only on the upper chakras while doing spiritual practices, unless one is simply filling the whole body with purifying, healing, rejuvenating White Light. In this case, one wants to illumine and purify the entire body and all chakras with the White Light. The Great Ones tell us that it is usually best to stay focused on the heart and above.  Also, Pearl always taught us that when we focus on the heart chakra, all our other chakras come into balance automatically.  That's pretty sweet!


Where Do I Learn How To Do These Spiritual Practices?


There are plenty of free online instruction courses and videos for these various forms of exercise.  There might even be instructors in your local community.  So take your time to find the ones that feel right to you, and then enjoy your new way of relaxing and energizing your body and soul!  And remember if you focus on the heart, you'll be much more blissful, relaxed, soothed, successful and energized!


Children's Yoga


There's a lovely yoga program for children created by a sweet, caring woman named, Kira Willey.  She's also a gifted composer who writes happy, "danceable" children's yoga songs.  Here is a list of some of our favorite Kira Willey songs for children.  You can also watch some of Kira Willey's videos on YouTube.



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