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Worksheet 64


The Highest of Truths (Surrender)



Self Inquiry—Mull Over: How Surrendered to God am I?


Spiritual surrender is difficult but necessary.


(a) Mark the 2 teachings of the 15 below that are the most profound

to you.


(b) Be the professor, grade yourself here (A+ through D- or F) on

the extent you in general feel surrendered now in your



(c) Plan now, how to improve your surrender marks next year.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna reveals:


“Now, for your everlasting benefit and because I love you, listen again to the most profound secret, the very essence of My Gita teachings…


___ 1) Fix your mind on Me, the Godhead.


___ 2) Give Me your whole heart.


___ 3) Revere Me always, and bow before Me only.


___ 4) Make Me your very own.


___ 5) By these acts you shall discover Me and come to Me.


___ 6) I promise you this because we are forever linked through love, the greatest of unifying forces.


___ 7) This Divine Love is both the means for reaching Me and the ultimate goal of all human existence.


___ 8) Achieving this is the culmination of all one’s strivings.


___ 9) Your past good actions, which have helped your godward progress, have fully served their purpose.


___10) Now, renounce all dharmas and take refuge in Me alone.


___11) Giving up dharmas does not mean that you become nonvirtuous, but that you have moved beyond it.


___12) Perform all your actions as though they are being done by Divinity for Its sake alone.


___13) Be unconcerned whether the actions are dharmic or adharmic (non-dharmic).


___14) When you act as God, and perform your actions for God, it is impossible for you to do something adharmic.


___15) Through this intense devotion and self-surrender, your mistakes and sins (acts that hinder your growth) are absolved, and you will merge with Me, liberated forever from the cares and grief of worldly existence.


Attaining this is indeed the absolute peak, the pinnacle of human spiritual achievement.”    – Krishna




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