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Worksheet 62


How One Becomes Perfect




(a) Rate yourself 1-9 (see scale) at each of the 27 items below,

based on the extent you are that in your daily life.



Never                Rarely                Occasionally                Often                Always


(b) Mark the three teachings most important to you now.


(c) Put a * * by any “impossibles” (that at this point seem hopelessly unattainable at this point) for revisiting later.


(d) What one major change would raise your self appraisal two levels?



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says:


“Learn from Me now the qualities that make the loving yogi (you) one with Me, the Godhead. There is no higher achievement in life!


___ 1) Cultivate a pure intellect.

___ 2) Free your mind and heart of delusion.

___ 3) Be self-restrained, give up the ego.

___ 4) Subdue your senses through steady will.

___ 5) Abandon the world’s sights, tastes, and noises.

___ 6) Put aside with no regret the likes and dislikes so burdensome in your life.

___ 7) Seek solitude.

___ 8) Eat but little.

___ 9) Lead a simple, self-reliant life.

___10) Curb your thoughts, speech and actions.

___11) Be detached, impersonal.

___12) Engage your mind always in concentration, contemplation, and meditation on Brahman.

___13) Cast from yourself all egotism, violence, arrogance, desire, anger, attachment.

___14) Turn your back on luxuries and property, possess little and shed any sense of ‘mine.’

___15) Be calm, at peace with yourself and others.

___16) Enter into the supreme state of unity with Me, as I am Truth, Consciousness, and Bliss; be united with Me, Brahman, the True Self Within.

___17) Be tranquil of mind and heart, neither craving nor grieving anything or anyone.

___18) Accept all people equally and serve Me, Divinity, in every living creature.

___19 Love Me most dearly. To love is to know Me (Divinity), to know My innermost nature, the Truth that I am. Through this sacred and deep knowing you gain access to Me. As a deep knower of the Divine you actually become the Divine.

___20) Do not renounce action itself, only your sense of doership; while you engage in worldly action be but an instrument of the Divine.

___21) Surrender, and there is no weariness in your work.

___22) Mentally cast all thoughts and actions on Me.

___23) Know I am your best friend and only refuge.

___24) Fix your mind and intellect on Me and be solely devoted to Me.

___25) If you truly know that all acts of the mind, senses, and body are Divinity, then your sense of doership, of ‘I’ and ‘mine’ leaves you.

___26) Have no concern but to do Divinity’s work for Its sake only.

___27) Be only interested in merging in God.


It is by loving Divinity that you rise from the human to the Divine!”


– Krishna



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