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Worksheet 52


Suffering a Degenerate Life


Appraising One's Debasing (Degenerate) Traits:


We all have traces of these bad traits.


(a) Rate yourself 1-9 (see sample scale) at each of the 27 traits

below to the extent, if any, they apply to you now. (The lower your scores, the better.)



Rarely                Seldom               Sometimes                Often                Always


(b) Mark the 2 or 3 you most want to reduce or eliminate, and then

make a plan. (Note what you intend to do or stop doing, and when.)



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says:


“These are the degenerate (‘demonic’) traits, the distinctive qualities and behavior of beings with degenerate tendencies:


___ 1) pride


___ 2) pompousness


___ 3) vanity


___ 4) desire


___ 5) greed


___ 6) anger


___ 7) harshness


___ 8) absence of discrimination (good-bad, Truth-not Truth, and so forth)


Look more closely. People with these qualities…


___ 9) have no sense of truth or right conduct


___10) have no purity


___11) have distorted views; they argue: ‘the scriptures are a lie; there is no God and no moral basis; the universe is just the result of lust or accident’


___12) become dangerous enemies of humanity; if left alone to their self-indulgence, would heedlessly destroy the world


___13) are stuffed with insatiable desires


___14) are arrogant, vain, and prideful


___15) are beset with dreads, and do not realize that the same fearful mind will be reborn into a like situation


___16) are blindly certain that to satisfy lust is all there is


___17) are bound by scheming and anger, and thus attract similarly hurtful people to themselves


___18) amass and hoard wealth; grabbing for riches governs their every thought and move


___19) arrogantly proclaim their might and power


___20) declare, ‘I will buy my way.’


___21) are bewildered, trapped in their addiction to sense gratification.


___22) are stuck in the spider web of delusion, and spiral downward


___23) are stuffed until choking with pride and conceit


___24) are drunk with their own wealth


___25) pay mere lip service to Divinity


___26) have fully given themselves to the dark forces of ego, insolence, desire, and wrath


___27) loathe Me, the Divine who dwells in their own bodies, and deny My presence in others.


Life after life they take birth in similar degradation without reaching Me.”


– Krishna



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