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Worksheet 51


Living a Divine Life


Self-Inquiry – Appraising Your Divine Traits:


(a) Rate yourself 1-9 (see sample scale) on each of the 18 traits

below on the extent you actually are it in your daily life.



Rarely                Seldom               Sometimes                Often               Always


(b) Choose the five most important traits to you and rank them based

on how significant they are to you now.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says:


“These are the Divine traits, the distinctive qualities and practices of persons with Divine tendencies…


___ 1) Fearlessness


___ 2) Purity (of heart and emotions, of thought, word,

        and deed)


___ 3) Steadfastness (persistence in the pursuit of Atma)


___ 4) Charity (alms giving)


___ 5) Control of senses


___ 6) Sacrifice (in the positive sense, as worship)


___ 7) Study of scriptures


___ 8) Austerity (purification, tapas literally to ‘melt’ and recast)


___ 9) Straightforwardness (integrity, sincerity)


___10) Non-injury (ahimsa, doing no mental, physical, or spiritual harm to any being)


___11) Truthfulness


___12) Absence of anger


___13) Renunciation (turning away from worldly attachments)


___14) Equanimity (even-mindedness)


___15) Not slandering


___16) Compassion


___17) Not coveting (no desire)


___18) Gentleness


___19) Modesty


___20) Not fickle (no vacillations of mind)


___21) Vigor


___22) Forgiveness


___23) Fortitude (courage, endurance, putting up with)


___24) Cleanliness (saucham, clean mind and body)


___25) No hatred


___26) No pride


___27) It is not what you are but what you do; it is your behavior that defines whether you are divine or degenerate.”


– Krishna



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