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Worksheet 50


Knowing the Supreme

Absolute Highest Self (Purushottama)


Self Inquiry: Contemplation of the Divine:


(a) Read over the 18 teachings below and then go back and circle the

3 or 4 words/phrases you think are essential to grasping this idea.


(b) Be ready to dialogue – either within or with others.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna divulges the Highest Truth:


“I will reveal the most profound and esoteric of all truths to you:


___ 1) I am subtly inherent in everything, every thing in the universe!


___ 2)  I am the all-illuminating brilliance of the sun, moon,

and fire—all light is Mine.


___ 3)  I am even the consciousness of light. Indeed, I am the consciousness in the whole cosmos.


___ 4) It is My energy that gives rise to all forms of matter and energy.


___ 5)  A minute drop of My primordial energy (prana) entering the earth supports and sustains all beings.


___ 6)  I become the life-giving sap that nourishes all plants.


___ 7)  I enter all living beings as the warmth of life. I am in their

digestive systems as the heat that turns food into strength. I am the in-going and out-going breath.


___ 8)  I am in all hearts.


___ 9) Knowledge, understanding, and memory all come from Me.


___10)  I reside throughout the cosmos as consciousness.


___11) I bring all these powers, and I take them.


___12)  The impermanence of the entire physical universe, which is inconceivably, unimaginably vast and ever-changing, only hints of My absolute permanence.


___13) The utter immensity of the cosmos merely gives an inkling of the incomprehensible scope of My omnipresence. I am everywhere in all this vastness!


___14)  I am the subject of all the world’s scriptures; in fact I authored them.


___15)  There are two orders of beings: mortal and immortal (perishable and imperishable). All creatures are perishable, only Spirit is not.


___16)  Distinct from and above both – higher than either mortals or the immortal Spirit, higher than the highest deities – I exist as the Supreme Atma, the Immutable, Eternal, Imperishable Godhead!


___17)  This utmost-level ‘I’ pervades all worlds and heavens, and yet remains above and beyond them all.


___18)  I am known, in this aspect of Myself as the Supreme Absolute Highest Self, Purushottama.


Grasp this great secret and you become enlightened – and millions of years of evolution will have reached its culmination. There is no higher knowledge than this.”    – Krishna




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