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Worksheet 5


Being an Illumined One



Self-Inquiry – Self-Assessment Exercise:

Consider the following list of qualities to be your life assignment checklist…


(a) Put a 1-9 self-rating (see sample scale) at each of the 25 items

   below based on the extent you practice that in your life at this time.


Almost Never         Seldom         Sometimes         Frequently        Almost Always


(b) Mark ** by any “impossibles” (that now seem unattainable).


(c) Date this sheet and revisit it occasionally to check progress.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna reveals:


“The truly enlightened human (the Sthithaprajna) can be identified by certain qualities. He or she…


_____ 1) abandons all selfish desires, cravings, and torments

           of the heart


_____ 2) is satisfied with the True Self Within (Atma)


_____ 3) wants nothing outside of the True Self


_____ 4) knows that real bliss is found only within


_____ 5)  is unperturbed by sorrow and adversity


_____ 6) does not thirst for pleasures


_____ 7) is free of the three traits that most tarnish the mind

               _____a) greed

               _____b) fear

               _____c) anger.


_____ 8) is detached from worldly objects of desire


_____ 9) neither rejoices nor gets depressed when faced with

           good or bad fortune


_____10) is poised in wisdom above worldly turmoil


_____11) deftly withdraws the senses from attractions of the

             world (just as the turtle pulls in its limbs to protect



_____12) is focused on taming wayward senses


_____13) is ever vigilant against the treacherousness of

            the senses


_____14) is measured by the yardstick of how well his or her

            greed and desires are controlled


_____15) keeps the mind ever intent on achieving the goal

           of life, which is union with Divinity


_____16) The illumined one gets in the habit of substituting divine

            thoughts for bad thoughts and sense attractions


_____17) stays free of either attachment or aversion

            to the attractions of the sense


_____18) is tranquil of heart


_____19) is absorbed in the peace and wisdom of the

           True Self Within (the Atma)


_____20) knows that serenity is the point where all sorrow ends!


_____21) uses the mind’s powers to

          _____a) restrain the senses

          _____b) steady the mind

          _____c) curb both attachment and aversion


_____22) has a sense of values that is like night and day

            when compared  to ordinary people


_____23) is totally still, never disturbed, despite the constant flow

            of desires and attachments


_____24) is free of ego (the sense of “I and mine”)


_____25) lives life devoid of cravings, forgets desire.


Once you achieve this fixed, still state you will never fall back into delusion, and will eventually achieve the goal of life, which is to merge into Me, Divinity.”


– Krishna



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