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Worksheet 49


Obtaining the Eye of Wisdom


Self-Inquiry—Your Spiritual Awareness Quotient:


(a) Think about your daily existence and respond to the question:

“Frankly, what percent of my time am I aware of my Atmic Self?"


0%---10 --- 20 --- 30 --- 40 --- 50% --- 60 --- 70 --- 80 ----90+%


(b) To raise your score, what are the three things from the list below

that your intuition is trying to tell you to do?



In the Bhagavad-Gita Krishna reveals:


“Now, become aware of certain esoteric truths regarding My most exalted nature…


___ 1) Envision the everyday world as a giant, upside-down tree – its roots growing up toward God, fixed there, in Divinity – its branches and quaking leaves growing downward, firmly attached in the dirt.


___ 2) The downward branches and leaves correspond to the senses, always moving, fluttering, stuck in worldly things. Cut them with the ax of nonattachment.


___ 3) Severing attachments fosters an attitude of sacred dispassion, which is the prerequisite for your spiritual vision.


___4) As spiritual intuition supplants usual seeing, your whole spectacle of the universe transforms.


___ 5) But cutting roots is not enough. You must go beyond all the worldly and seek the supreme goal of liberation from the cycle of death and rebirth.


___ 6) Cleave your ignorance (unawareness of Atma) and you will reach that Supreme Goal.


___ 7) Drop your craving for pleasure and your aversion to pain, and you will become a clear-sighted one—and enter the light of the Supreme Goal (Atma).


___ 8) This light is more brilliant than all lights—whether sun, moon, star, flash of lightning, or lit fire on earth—no other light can shine in the realm of My Self-Radiance.


___ 9) When the Atma (a part of Divinity) enters a body in the womb, it enters the world of matter.


___10) It then draws around itself the five senses (with the mind as the sixth). Senses and mind are both prakriti, a part of nature.


___11) As the individual soul (Atma, now called jivatma) has drawn the senses around it, it now experiences the pleasures, desires, and pains of worldly life.


___12) Then, when the Atma eventually migrates from one body to the next, it carries the mind and senses (the ego and lower mind), transferring the thoughts and tendencies from previous lifetimes.


___13) The senses, being limited to the level of mind, are incapable of comprehending the Atma, because Atma is above the mind. People caught at the level of senses simply do not recognize the soul.


___14) But yogis, possessing the eye of wisdom (intuitive faculty), do see Me, their Atmic Self within.


___15) To obtain this ‘eye of wisdom’ you must do two things: surrender the ego and purify your mind. Those with half-hearted surrender or with half-pure minds are not granted the capacity to see Me, Atma.


___16) Once the individual soul achieves this ultimate enlightenment he or she is forever with Me, never to be restored to a separate existence.”


– Krishna



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