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Worksheet 46


The Whole Map!

(God’s Nature and the Guna Qualities)


Self-Inquiry—Insight Scan:


     (a) Of the 9 teachings below, mark the two that are the most

important to you.


     (b) Re-evaluate what #9 below might mean to you.


     (c) Be ready to share your insights.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says:


“I will now begin to explain nature (prakriti)…


___ 1) The term guna refers not only to the three properties of nature but also to the corresponding underlying attitudes of mind that shape all human behavior.


___ 2) I, Brahman (the Godhead) instill the seed of all births into the vast womb of nature (prakriti). Nature in turn gives birth to the infinitely diverse temperaments of all creatures.


___ 3) Everything that is born comes from this subtle union of Spirit and nature.


___ 4) Whatever forms are produced in any of the wombs of the universe, My nature, prakriti, is the cosmic mother of all creation, and I am the seed-giving father.


___ 5) All life evolves from the differentiating power of just three forces or strands in nature: sattva which is purity and calmness, rajas which is passion and action, and tamas which is ignorance and inertia.


___ 6) Everyone has all three forces within them, but in a different mix. Each person will exhibit the attitudes and behavior that is in accord with the predominating guna in their personality.


___ 7) These three strands of nature explain why you think, feel, speak, and act as you do. This is the entire map!


___ 8) The sattvic person (a rare type) will be calm and harmonized. Rajasic people (certainly the majority) are full of restless energy.  Tamasic people (also common) will be lethargic, indolent, and unmotivated to act.


___ 9) Knowing these great secrets, the sages were guided to perfection. Now you also possess this spiritual wisdom.


Those who live by this wisdom definitely unite with Me and will not have to be reborn even when the cosmos is recreated at the dawn of a cycle.”


– Krishna



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