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Worksheet 45


Be a Seer of Truth


Learn to See the Difference Between Matter & Spirit:


We all see or intuit Truth in differing ways and degrees.


(a) Circle the 3 or 4 elements in the teachings below where you

want to improve your spiritual vision.


(b) Put a rating of your own “spiritual seeing” on this scale:



Blind                                              Blurry                                            20-20


(c) If necessary, look within yourself and ask for help.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna instructs:


“Use your eye of wisdom (intuitive faculty) to distinguish between matter and spirit, body and soul…


___ 1) Remember that whatever comes into existence, thing or being, is a result of the union between matter and Spirit.


___ 2) When the matter part of this union falls in death, the spirit remains standing.


___ 3) When you do not see the Spirit within you, you think that it is your self that dies.


___ 4) Only when you see the undying within the dying, do you really see the Truth.


___ 5) True seers, because they perceive Divinity in everyone, do no harm to anyone.


___ 6) Those who do not perceive this unity separate themselves from others, seeing some as friends, others as foes. These are the ones who do harm.


___ 7) This illusion of separateness causes all evils perpetrated by humanity! (How can anyone who knows Atma injure the same Atma in others?)


___ 8) Know that the body belongs to nature and the Atma belongs to Spirit.


___ 9) All action (karma) therefore, is done by the body, not by the Spirit living in the body.


___10) True Atma is actionless, it is never the doer.


___11) When you truly see that all beings emanate from the Godhead and are united in the Godhead, you become the Godhead—and you thereby attain liberation.


___12) The True Self Within (Atma) has no beginning or end; It is beyond the world of nature.


___13) Although It exists in the worldly body, the Atma (the True Self Within) does not act, and is therefore untouched by karma, good or bad.


___14) This mysterious Atma is subtler than the subtlest. Water in its steam state (its subtlest) is never soiled; similarly, Atma can never be tainted even though it dwells in every being.


___15) As the single sun illuminates the whole world, the single Knower of the Field lights up the entire field (all the world).


___16) All beings – great and small, saint and sinner, high and low – get their light (their consciousness) from this single source.


___17) Do not get entangled in the world, but use the world to reach Divinity.


___18) Cut yourself free from the field (from the worldly) and reach Me, the Supreme Goal.


Ultimately realize this tremendously important  lesson: all creatures, although appearing separate, are truly only One.”    – Krishna




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