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Worksheet 43


Realize Brahman

(The Supreme Godhead)




        (a) How well do you feel you really know this mysterious

              truth of Brahman (God) at this time? ______%


        (b) Put a mark by the 2 or 3 teachings below that to you now

              are most ambiguous.


        (c) Ask for clarity from Brahman (God) itself; put your question(s)

             to your Inner Knower and record the answers that come.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna reveals a profound truth to us:


“I will now tell you what you need to know to go beyond death and achieve immortality!


___ 1) Realizing Brahman (knowing the Godhead in your heart) is the Goal of spiritual wisdom.


___ 2) Brahman is both being and non-being, both manifested and unmanifested.


___ 3) It exists throughout all creation, in all hands and feet.


___ 4) It dwells in the heads of all beings as their eyes, ears, and mouths.


___ 5) It is devoid of any senses, yet Its subtle powers perform all the tasks of the senses.


___ 6) Brahman is totally independent, and yet supports all things in the universe.


___ 7) The Supreme Godhead (Brahman) is beyond the three strands (gunas) of nature, but is the very consciousness in them.


___ 8) It is inside and outside all beings, always.


___ 9) It is both formless and with form.


___10) It moves and does not move.


___11) The subtlety and mystery of Brahman is incomprehensible to the non-purified mind.


___12) To the spiritually ignorant (those who do not know Atma), the Godhead is distant, but to those who do know, It is very near.


___13) It appears to be many but is One, undivided.


___14) Brahman sends creation out from within Itself, It protects creation, preserves it, and dissolves it.


___15) As the Lighter of all lights, Brahman is beyond the darkness of ignorance.


___16) This Supreme that dwells in each individual body as Atma is truly Brahman.


___17) Brahman, is the True Self Within; It is the Atma which dwells in each and every heart.


___18) Brahman is the sole goal of all knowledge; indeed, It is Knowledge Itself!


Grow to understand this profound, mysterious truth of Brahman, the Supreme Godhead, and you become worthy to be united with Me.”


– Krishna




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