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Worksheet 42


Be a Knower of the Field


Self-Inquiry: Appraising Our Virtues:


     (a) Candidly rate yourself 1-9 (see scale below) at each of the

           21 statements below, based on the extent you are that virtue

           or outlook in your life now.



Never                Seldom                Sometimes                Often                Always


     (b) Indicate the 3 most difficult for you at this time.


     (c) Mark the 3 most important, necessary, or exciting to you.


     (d) Put a * * by any “Impossibles!” (seemingly unattainables)

        for reviewing in the future.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna teaches:


“Distinguishing between matter and spirit does not come through mere intellectual knowing. It comes through possessing the human virtues and outlooks which give rise to high intuitive knowing. Cultivate these human virtues:


___ 1) Be humble.


___ 2) Be harmless.


___ 3) Know in your heart that excellence emanates only from the Divine.


___ 4) Be gentle.


___ 5) Be forgiving of any hurt received.


___ 6) Be upright.


___ 7) Be harmonized in your thoughts, words, and deeds.


___ 8) Serve your Teacher and imbibe his or her good traits and disposition.


___ 9) Be steadfast, persistent in your spiritual development.


___10) Be pure of mind. Escape the worldly deluge of mental pollution, as purity is indispensable to your spiritual growth.


___11) Be ever in control of body, mind, and senses.


___12) Be detached from egoism and selfishness.


___13) Be detached from the attractions of the world


___14) Do not see yourself as this body-mind complex.


___15) Know that you are Atma (the Eternal Reality that is beyond worldly).


___16) Meet life’s inevitable ups and downs even-mindedly.


___17) To no one or nothing be slave.


___18) Be not tied to possessions or even to family.


___19) Love Me, Brahman, with your heart undistracted.


___20) Turn your back on social life and worldly commotion.


___21) Diligently inquire into the nature of Self and non-Self (Atma and world).


The goal of spiritual wisdom is to realize (know in your heart) That which is both being and non-being. Only Brahman is Truth, and the Atma within you is truly Brahman! To seek anything else is to seek ignorance.”    – Krishna




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