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Worksheet 40


Being a Most Loved Devotee


Appraising Your Spiritual/Devotional Progress:


(a) On a sheet of paper rate yourself 1-9 (see scale) at each of the

34 items below, based on the extent you are that in your everyday life.



Never              Seldom              Sometimes              Frequently             Always


(b) Mark the 5 items most vital to you now, and rank order their



(c) Mark ** any “Impossibles” (seemingly unattainable) for



(d) Consider this list to be your spiritual life assignment. Make

continual progress. Date this sheet and return to it often.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna teaches:


“Here are the marks of the people that I, the Godhead, most dearly love. I love the ones who…


___ 1) Harbor no ill will

___ 2) Return Love for hate

___ 3) Are friendly and compassionate

___ 4) Are beyond ‘I’ and ‘mine’

___ 5) Are unperturbed by pain or pleasure


___ 6) Possess firm faith (Sraddha)

___ 7) Are forgiving

___ 8) Are ever contented

___ 9) Are ever meditating on me


___10) Are always peaceful

___11) Are neither an agitator in, nor agitated by the world

___12) Are free of fear

___13) Accept the knocks of life as blessings in disguise


___14) Do their worldly duties unconcerned, untroubled by life

___15) Expect absolutely nothing

___16) Are pure internally and externally

___17) Are ready to be My instruments

___18) Are ready to meet any demands I make on them


___19) Ask nothing of Me

___20) Do not rejoice or feel revulsion


___21) Do not grieve

___22) Do not yearn for possessions


___23) Are unaffected by bad or good

___24) Are full of devotion to Me

___25) Live in the Self, not in worldly commotion


___26) Hold the same attitudes toward friend or foe

___27) Are indifferent to honor or ignominy

___28) Are the same toward heat or cold

___29) Are the same toward praise or criticism


___30) Control their talking and are silent within

___31) Are generally content with life

___32) Are unattached to worldly things

___33) Are unattached even to home


___34) Have as their sole concern in life: to love Me.


Surrender your mind and heart completely to Me and I will love you most dearly—and you will go beyond death to immortality.”


– Krishna




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