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Worksheet 37


Be Saturated With Love

Bhakti Yoga: Union

with God Through Devotion


Self-Inquiry—Loving Self-Assessment:


Assuming that the 9 statements below are absolute Truth…


(a) Rate yourself 1-9 (see scale) at each of the 9 items below, based

on the extent you are that in your every day life.



Never            Seldom            Sometimes            Frequently            Always


(b) Circle the one word or phrase that is nevertheless most

     astonishing to you.


(c) Be your own teacher. Give yourself a school grade here (A+

through D- or even F) in terms of how loving you think you are:


“My Divine Loving Grade is:_____.”


(d) What are the 2 or 3 things you have to do over the next

      year to raise your grade at least one level?



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna teaches:


“To be devotional is the sacred plan of nature...


___ 1) It may seem impossible, but a human can come to really know God—not merely about God, but to literally become One with the Divine. This is the profound plan and purpose of creation which is hidden from most people.”


___ 2) The only way to achieve this is through unswerving devotion to God, who is the Divine Love that lives in your heart.


___ 3) Make Divinity your fondest ideal and highest goal. Set your mind and heart on Me.


___ 4) Wise yogis ceaselessly love Me (the Godhead, Brahman), and they know that the love they are experiencing for Me is Me, for I am Love!


___ 5) One truly is where one’s mind is, so fix your mind on Me, be absorbed in Me alone, focus your devotion on Me, still yourself in Me, and make all your acts an offering to Me. Being saturated with devotion and faith leads you quickly and surely to Me.


___ 6) When you live your whole life in Me each of your contacts with other beings inwardly becomes an adoration.


___ 7) In a constant state of deep love for God, the true devotee recognizes nothing but God in the world. It bears repeating: through this unswerving, single-minded love (ananya bhakti), you come to know the essence of My supreme glory and you enter into My Being.


___ 8) The truth is simple: When you love, you know Me; you know My innermost nature, the Truth of what I am. The act of loving is itself the real experience of knowing Me because I am love! Gaining this sacred knowing, you gain access to Me. As a knower of God you actually become God.


___ 9) Give Me, therefore, your whole heart. Bow to Me only. Make Me your very own. Doing this, you will discover Me and come to Me. I promise you this because we are forever linked through love, the greatest of unifying forces.


Divine Love is both the way to, and the ultimate goal of all human existence; it is the pinnacle of human spiritual achievement!”


– Krishna




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