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Worksheet 36


A Thousand Suns

(Krishna Reveals His Cosmic Form)


Self Inquiry—Cosmic Seeing:


(a) Mark the 2 or 3 items below that are most profound to you at this



(b) Think: Can you name 1 or 2 beings or places where the Divine is



(c) How sure are you of this? _____%



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna reveals:


“I will now grant you special vision to view the entire creation within Me, God, and to see whatever else your inner thoughts may bring. Behold my Cosmic Form…


___ 1) The warrior prince (Arjuna) gasps in awe, “I now see things in You I’ve never envisioned or even heard about….


___ 2) I see the entire universe with its myriad objects and matter, all of this in Your cosmic body—planets, distant stars, beings—all are expressions of the Cosmic Consciousness of the Divine One!


___ 3) I see all kinds of creatures, multitudes of deities and lesser gods, the seers and saints—all contained within Your form!


___ 4) Everywhere I look, there You are!  There is no limit to the spectrum of Your existence; there is no end or beginning to it, no restrictions of space, time, or thought affecting it.


___ 5) The light around You is as if a thousand suns were suddenly blazing in the sky!


___ 6) I never really comprehended Your vastness before and took You to be a fellow mortal. Please, as a father forgives a son or a mother forgives a child, grant me pardon.


___ 7) You are the Cause of the Cause; the Eternal who existed even before Brahma the Creator; you are the father of all, and the sire of the fathers.


___ 8) You are both the Knower and the known, both the  goal and the striving.


___ 9) You are not only the lord of the wind, but the wind itself. You are death itself, fire, water, the moon itself—not merely the Lord over them. You are the Supreme Absolute!


___10) Your vastness brushes the sky and horizons, overflowing the universe; I lose my sense of direction and feel bewildered.


___11) I watch the beings in all three worlds tremble with fear at the fierceness in You—which I also see in You now.


___12) I watch in fear too, as armies rush to their doom in You. Please return to the familiar form I knew!”


___13) Krishna reverts to His human form, saying, “Remember that I am Time—mighty, world-destroying Time! Destruction of evil enemies is inevitable and fore-ordained. It is not possible for an individual to avert the plan of Divinity.


___14) No one can behold Me as you have—but through unswerving love (ananya bhakti) humans can know My essence and enter My Being.”   – Krishna




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