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Worksheet 35


Knowing God, Part 4 of 4

(Vibhuti Yoga)

"Union with God Through

Knowing His Worldly Glories"


Self Inquiry—Divine Attention, Part 4:


(a) Pick the 3 most inspiring teachings below, and add them to your

     10-12 picks from the preceding 3 worksheets.


(b) Go through all of them, reading as if in “God’s voice.”


(c) As you voice these words be aware of your feelings and attitudes.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna continues to reveal:


“There is no end to My Divine manifestations. Whatever is beautiful, mighty and glorious in this world has emanated from My infinite power!


___60) Of all humanity’s means for query and debate I am logic.


___61) Of all sound in the cosmos I am letter A.


___62) In grammar, I am the compound word, the most powerful.


___63) As Time itself, I have no beginning or end.


___64) As I mete out the karma of all beings, I am called the Disburser-Whose-Face-Is-Turned-Everywhere.


___65) Of the qualities that, due to their grace and tenderness are termed ‘female,’ I am: fame and fortune, sweet speech, memory, intelligence, steadfast perseverance, loyalty, and forgiveness.


___66) Of the great Sama Vedas I am the best, the Brihat Saman.


___67) Of poetic meters I am Gayatri, the leader.


___68) Of months I am Margasirsha (parts of November-December), the most spiritually favorable.


___69) Of the seasons I am the flowery spring.


___70) Of deceitful acts I am the roll of the dice.


___71) I am the splendor and radiance of the physically strong.


___72) Of that which takes humanity forward, I am effort.


___73) Of the three constituents of nature (gunas) I am goodness (sattva guna).


___74) Among the god-realized sages I am Vyasa, known as

an incarnation of Divinity.


___75) Among the omniscient seers (the Kavis) I am Usana, the foremost.


___76) Among those who punish others I am the scepter, the symbol of measured justice.


___77) I am the art of statesmanship in those who seek victory by noble means.


___78) I am the silence of things secret.


___79) I am the wisdom of the wise.


___80) I am the source of everything in creation, the origin of all beings, all lives—nothing in this world, animate or inanimate, can exist without Me.


___71) I am the splendor and radiance of the physically strong.


___72) Of that which takes humanity forward, I am effort.


___81) I am whatever can be thought or imagined.


Finally, just know that I, Brahman, the Absolute, do exist, and that I hold the entire creation by a tiny fraction of My Supreme Glory.”


– Krishna




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