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Worksheet 34


Knowing God, Part 3 of 4

(Vibhuti Yoga)

"Union with God Through

Knowing His Worldly Glories"


Self Inquiry—Divine Attention, Part 3:


(a) Mark the 3-5 teachings that provoke your awe or gratitude.


(b) Keep these in mind for later use.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna continues to reveal:


“Absorption in all these attributes of the Divine is as good as absorption in Divinity itself. I will continue:


__36) Of the trees I am the holy Ashvatta tree the upside-down tree of life—with its roots in heaven and its branches below in the earth.


__37) Among the most spiritually enlightened divinities I am Narada, the foremost, who teaches the principle of unity amidst the world’s vast diversity.


___38. Of the celestial beings I am their king, Chitraratha.


___39. Of perfected souls (siddhas) I am Kapila, best of the best.


___40. Of horses I am nectar-born Ucchiasravash.


___41. Of elephants I am Airavata, from the sea of milk.


___42. Of all humans, I am born as the monarch.


___43. Of weapons I am God’s thunderbolt, which descends on wickedness.


___44. Of cows I am Kamadhenu, the celestial milk cow of cheerful and willing mind with the power to satisfy all requirements of life.


___45. Among instincts I am the procreative urge.


___46. Of snakes I am Vasuki, god of snakes and symbol of kundalini, the coiled up reservoir of cosmic energy in each person.


___47. Among nonpoisonous snakes I am Ananta.


___48) Of water deities I am Varuna, their king.


___49 I am the presiding deity of the departed ancestors (Aryama).


___50) Of the controllers of the universe I am Yama the god of death.


___51. Of those who defy evil and injustice, I am Prahlada, virtuous even though the son of a sworn enemy of the gods.


___52. Among those who keep records I am the unfailing reckoner, Time itself.


___53. Of animals I am the lion.


___54. Of birds I am the Lord’s eagle, Garuda.


___55. Of the four purifiers in nature—earth, water, fire, and air—I am the wind, which purifies the other purifiers.


___56. Of those who wield deadly weapons I am Rama,

who uses his weapon only for the good of humanity.


___57. Of all fish I am the all-powerful shark.


___58. Among rivers I am Ganges, with its sanctifying water.


___59. Of all sciences I am spiritual knowledge (Atma- knowledge), the science of Self that makes ignorance vanish.”   – Krishna




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