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Worksheet 33


Knowing God, Part 2 of 4

(Vibhuti Yoga)

"Union with God Through

Knowing His Worldly Glories"


Self Inquiry—Divine Attention, Part 2:


(a) Mark the 3 teachings below that are most special to you, and then think: "Why are they so special to me?"


(b) Keep track of these for later use.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna reveals:


“You should know that all – all of the splendors of nature are attributes of My Majesty! I will here indicate but a few, from which you can infer God’s infinite vastness:


__15) I am the innermost True Self, the Atma seated in

the hearts of human beings.


___16) I am the beginning, middle, and end of all beings

and all things created.


___17) Of the deities presiding over light, I am the one

for January, beloved by all for turning the world’s course toward warmth.


___18) Of the wind gods who bring immense good to

the world, I am the whirlwind.


___19) Of daytime luminaries I am the radiant sun, and

of the lights of the night I am the moon.


___20) Of ancient scriptures I am the foremost, the Sama Veda.


___21) Of the secondary gods I am Indra, their chief.


___22) Of the sense organs I am the mind which receives

and records all sensations.


___23) Of the numerous levels of life-awareness in all life forms, I am Pure Consciousness.


___24) Of the eleven deities of destruction I am Shiva, the destroyer of evil in the mind, who brings humanity’s lasting welfare.


___25) I am also Rudra, who brings grace to humanity through sorrow.


___26) Of the celestial beings who acquire and hoard (Yakshas and Rakshasas), I am Kubera, their king, lord of fabulous wealth.


___27) Of the eight elements in the structure of nature (earth, fire, water, air, space, mind, intellect, and ego) I am fire, bringer of warmth and life.


___28) Of all mountains I am Meru (in the human body this is the life force in the spinal column).


___29) Of high spiritual teachers who administer the code of conduct, know Me to be Brihaspati the Chief Priest, holy even among the gods.


___30) Among the warrior chiefs I am Skanda, who leads the world to victory over the demons.


___31) Of all bodies of water I am the ocean, into which all the rest merge.


___32) Among rishis (seers) I am Bhrigu, ever in the highest plane of super-consciousness.


___33) Of sacrifices I am the most potent, japa, repetition of the name of the Divine.


___34) Of all utterances I am Om, the most sacred of sound symbols.


___35) Of the fixed, stationary things I am the Himalayas.


– Krishna



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