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Worksheet 32


Knowing God, Part 1 of 4

(Vibhuti Yoga)


"Union with God Through

Knowing His Worldly Glories"


Self Inquiry—Divine Attention, Part 1:


(a) Mark the 2 points from items 1-8 below which to you feel

     the most important.


(b) Mark the 2 key realizations from the Warrior’s (Arjuna's)

comments, (items 9-14).


(c) Keep track of these for later use.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna reveals:


“As your heart delights when you hear of My worldly glories (vibhutis), I will elaborate…


___ 1) Neither the gods nor rishis (seers) fully know My beginning. As I am the origin of them all, I am only partially known to them.


___ 2) The wise ones who intuit from glimpses that I am the source of all creation eagerly dedicate their lives to Me.


___ 3) I am in all ordinary humans as their godly qualities—intellect, patience, wisdom, peace of mind, non-harm, discrimination, charity, and so forth.


___ 4) Everything issues from Me; I, Divinity alone, am the source of everything. All human refinements proceed from Me, and are diverse aspects of Me.


___ 5) Whatever you perceive in the entire cosmos is My divine power! Hearing some of these details, you can glimpse that power.


___ 6) Nothing is dearer to a person than life, and I am life! As I am your very life, you can never be separate from Me.


___ 7) Knowing all this, wise ones ceaselessly love Me; the love they feel for Me is Me, for I am love!


___ 8) As familiarity with My glory grows, people are more ardently drawn to me.”

– Krishna


The Warrior (Arjuna), in awe, reviews his dawning understanding…


___ 9) “You are the Godhead, Brahman! In Your visible form You are the entire universe, in Your invisible form you are Pure Consciousness.


___10) You are the underlying essence of all things, the origin and dwelling place of everything—everything—visible or invisible in the entire universe!


___11) You are all of nature, and yet beyond even that!


___12) You are everywhere in everything as the omnipresent!


___13) Those who use special intuitive powers to understand and reach You extol this.


___14) Now, from Your own lips, You confirm it. And yet, your coming is unknown even to the gods. You alone know your entire glory.


Please tell me more about Your glories and how I can develop constant awareness of You. I never grow weary of hearing all this.”   – Arjuna




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