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Worksheet 31


You Get What You Seek


Self-Assessment: What am I Seeking - God or World?


Take the time to quietly contemplate all 18 teachings below and then respond:


(a) Truly, to what extent (0% to 100%) have I turned away from

      the worldly world?____________%


(b) To what extent have I truly turned away from even from seeking

      the joys of heaven? ___________%


(c) What is it that I really seek in this lifetime? (List the

      3 or 4 main things you seek, and then rank order them.)



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna says:


“Having found yourself born into this transient and joyless world, turn from it and take delight in My teachings.


___ 1) If you follow rituals, pray for heaven, and do good, you will attain the pleasures of the heavenly planes.


___ 2) In heaven, when the merits you earned in life are spent, you return to this world for another birth.


___ 3) If you become attached to pleasures (even to the joys of heaven), you continue to come and go life after life.


___ 4) When you faithfully make offerings to other deities you are worshipping Me, though by a more limited path.


___ 5) Pray to minor gods for worldly things and you get those things, but they just entangle you more.


___ 6) I alone fulfill prayers without snarling you in attachments.


___ 7) Worship the minor gods and you go to them; worship Me and you come to Me.


___ 8) Whatever you offer in true devotion, a leaf, water, a flower—I will accept as a gift of love, the dedication of your heart.


___ 9) Devotion alone gains access to Divinity.


___10) I, God, am equally present in all beings, none are hated and none dear—but I dwell in those who become absorbed in Me.


___11) I am even in the misguided and wayward—if they turn to Me in utter devotion they can soon refashion their nature.


___12) No one, no one devoted to Me falls.


___13) All who take refuge in Me, of whatever birth, gender, or position in society, will attain the supreme goal of merging into Me.


___14) Whatever you do in the world—what you eat, sacrifice, give up, or give away—offer it all to Me, even your suffering.


___15) When you offer up all acts to God, you surrender your desire for the fruits, and are freed from karmic consequences, good or bad.


___16) Give all your love to Me, the Supreme Divine; make all your acts an offering.


___17) Make Me your fondest ideal and highest goal.


___18) Set your heart and mind on Me as I here prescribe and you will indeed enter into My very being.”   – Krishna




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