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Worksheet 30


Endless Devotion!


Self-Inquiry—A Three-Step Devotional Reading:


The teachings below are devotional utterances and since sound has power in it, please do these three things:


     Step 1. Read each item below in a loving way with a strong

feeling of devotion, and mark the ones that "sing" to you.


     Step 2. Re-read them, and while you do, change all the “I ams” to

                “You ares.”


     Step 3. Read them once again aloud, but in the original “I am” voice.

                 Notice any internal shifts in feelings and attitude.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna teaches us:


“Because I (Brahman, the Godhead) am endless, the variety of ways I Am adored is also endless.


___ 1) I am the rites and rituals of the scriptures.


___ 2) I am the offerings made to the ancestors.


___ 3) I am the food that is medicinal and nourishing.


___ 4) I am the formative thought behind the chanted hymn, the mantra.


___ 5) I am the gift offered into the fire, and I am the flame itself that consumes the offering.


___ 6) I am the father, mother, and grandfather of the universe.


___ 7) I am the one who dispenses the fruits of people’s actions, their karma.


___ 8) I am the one thing worth knowing, and the enabler of all knowing.


___ 9) I am the syllable Om, the very sound of Divinity.


___10) I am all the scriptures ever written.


___11) I am purity. As water gets purified by contact with earth, humanity gets purified by its contact with Me.


___12) I am the goal at the end of all paths.


___13) I am the landlord of all creation.


___14) I am the Inner Witness in every human.


___15) I am your best friend, who lives in your heart as your



___16) I am the beginning of creation, the well-wisher of it, and the dissolution of it.


___17) I am the storehouse into which all life returns when creation dissolves, and I am the everlasting, imperishable seed from which it again springs.


___18) I am the one who gives the heat of the sun.


___19) l am the one who lets loose the food-giving rain—and I withhold it.


___20) I am both immortality and death, doled out based on the fruits of one’s actions.


___21) I am both Being and Non-Being. In My visible form I Am the Cosmos; in My invisible form I am the Germ of Creation that lies hidden.


If you think of Me only and constantly revere Me with your mind and heart un-distracted, I (God) will personally carry the burden of your welfare! I will provide for your needs and safeguard what has already been provided.”   – Krishna




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