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Worksheet #3


Do Your Duty in Life



Self-Inquiry & Self-Evaluation:

Working on Dharma:

 1. Read the 18 items below and mark the 2 or 3 that are most important to you now. Work from the heart and be honest with yourself.

 2. Put two ratings on the scale below:

 a. Put an N where you are now (the extent you are currently

       following your dharma – living by your inner truth)

 b. Put an F (Future) where you want your next year’s rating.



Not at All          Rarely          Occasionally          Frequently         Almost Always




In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna teaches:

“One’s responsibilities of life should be taken seriously…

____1) Your sva-dharma, (personal duty in life) is often defined too narrowly as your life work or professional role.


____2) View it instead from a much higher level, as your duty to your Highest Self, Atma.


____3) At that level, sva-dharma is not just your worldly role, it is Atma-dharma, your duty to Atma, to the Divinity in yourself!


____4) At this ultrahigh level of duty, you never do anything that is contrary to the True Self.


____5) Live by your Inner Truth (which is the Divinity within) as this is the core essence of sva-dharma.


____6) Even if you use a narrower definition of sva-dharma and consider it to be your worldly role or profession, you must still be true to it.


____7) Life is a battle between good and evil.


____8) The battle of life is a chance for you to fight for righteousness; this is your opportune moment!


____9) You must not hesitate in your duties.


___ 10) For a spiritual warrior, fighting evil, greed, hate, cruelty, and jealousy is the highest duty!


____11) If you do not fight the battle against evil, you will fail in both your worldly duty and your sva-dharma – your duty to your highest Self!


____12) Not doing the right thing when required is worse than doing the wrong thing.


____ 13) Your very nature dictates that you perform the duties attuned to your disposition. This is what your dharma is – your natural calling.


____ 14) Doing the duties called for by your life obligations requires less effort, and this releases consciousness that can be directed Godward.


____15) One is not different from one’s nature, and is obligated to act in conformity with it.


____16) You yourself created your nature – the tendencies that bind you now. This is the law of karma, which is stronger than your ego.


____17) If, in your delusion you think that you will not

do your duties, your nature will force you to.


____18) Following your own nature is the only way to

work out your karma."


Hold the conviction that all actions are in the Divine One’s hands; live your life as the willing instrument of God."  – Krishna




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