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Worksheets 28


The Divine Mystery Unveiled


Awareness Self-Appraisal:


(a) Mark the 3 ideas below that are most enlightening to you, and

rank-order their importance.


(b) Circle the 2 ideas that at this time are hardest to grasp.


(c) See item #9, the “huge idea" and respond to two questions:


        i. What percent of my time do I hold this huge idea

           in my awareness? __________%.


        ii. Ponder: "What 2 or 3 things need I do to increase this




In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna reveals:


“I will now reveal My most mysterious and profound secret. I will give you knowledge of both the visible and invisible Godhead. This is ultimate knowledge, easy to practice and a joy to hold!


_____1) I, Brahman, the Supreme Godhead, in My unmanifested (invisible) form, pervade everything and every creature in the universe.


_____2) I am the origin of everything that is, and is not.


_____3) All beings in all the worlds exist within Me and depend on Me, but I do not abide in them because that would limit Me.


_____4) This is the divine mystery of Me as the unmanifested Godhead. I am never confined, attached, changed, or in any way limited. As birds fly across the sky leaving no trace, I, like the sky, am ever Myself, unaffected by anything of the phenomenal world.


_____5) At the end of a ‘Cosmic Day of Brahma’ (a kalpa, billions of years), all beings dissolve into My unmanifested matter, which at that point is the seed of their next coming to be. At the next cycle I generate them all again, sending them onward at the moment of creation.


_____6) Again and again I animate nature to bring forth this multitude of forms and beings, infusing spirit into their matter and subjecting all to the laws of their own nature.


_____7) None of these actions in any way binds Me. I remain unattached and unconcerned, indifferent to the fruits of these actions.


_____8) Nature, because of its proximity to Divinity, carries on the activities of creation. Under My watchful eye the laws of nature take their course. With Me presiding over the proceedings the wheel of the world is set revolving.


_____9) As everything emanates from Me, everything is Me! Apart from Me, there is absolutely no thought, no object, no act! Holding this huge idea always in awareness is the way to reach Me. Once you know this secret you cannot lose it.”     –Krishna




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