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Worksheet 22


Knowing Me, Divinity


Self Inquiry via a "Power Reading" (sound is power):


  1. Read all 23 statements below silently but very slowly, with immense feeling—and mark the ones that feel “special.”
  2. Re-read them aloud with equal feeling (or read them “aloud” inside listening closely to your voice).
  3. Notice your appreciation of Divinity change with each heartfelt reading.
  4. Date this sheet and regularly repeat this power-reading process.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna teaches us:


“I will with exactness begin to explain the essence of Divinity. Listen closely…


___ 1) I have two aspects, a lower and a higher.


___ 2) My lower aspect is the realm of nature, which has eight basic components: earth, water, fire, air, space, mind intellect, and ego. All eight belong to nature (prakriti), including the last three, which are the more subtle ones.


___ 3) My higher aspect is the realm of spirit (referred to as purusha), the mysterious life force, the consciousness in all beings.


___ 4) The co-mingling of these two aspects – nature (inert matter) and spirit (life consciousness) – is the source of the entire universe and of life itself!  All of it will finally dissolve into Me.


___ 5) I am Pure Consciousness, the underlying essence of all elements and beings. Nothing whatsoever exists separate from Me.


___ 6) There is no power in the cosmos that does not emanate from Me and belong to Me.


___ 7) I am the innate nature of everything!


___ 8) In pure water I am the sweet taste.


___ 9) In the sun and moon I am the radiance.


___10) In the very center of human beings I live as virility and courage.


__11) I am the sacred word Om (indicative of the Divine), and I am the sound of Om heard throughout the universe.


___12) I am the slight delicate scent, the sweet fragrance of earth.


___13) I am the brilliance in both fire and sun.


___14) I am the light of Divinity in all beings.


___15) I am the subtle spirit in spiritual practices—the love in devotees, the austerity in ascetics, the sweet sense of charity in givers.


___16) I am the primordial seed of all entities.


___17) I am the power of discrimination (buddhi) in the intelligent.


___18) I am the splendor within resplendent beings and things.


___19) I am the might and vigor of the strong.


___20) As I am beyond any hint of attachment, I am the power in unselfish desires.


___21) I am the subtle force in all good actions that puts them in harmony with the welfare of humanity.


___22) I am the innate urge to help others.


___23) The entire universe is suspended from Me as if I were the central thread in a necklace of jewels, the subtle but very real power holding it all together.”


– Krishna



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