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Worksheet 21


Only One In Many Thousands


Self-Inquiry: Where Am I…


Remember you are now already one in thousands. Contemplate

the 15 teachings below and do three self-assessments:


Rate 1-9 here:


     (a)  Your knowledge of Divinity _____   (See #8 below)


     (b)  And your wisdom of Divinity _____   (See #9 below)


Don’t Know            Low             Somewhat             High           Out-of-this-World


     (c) And mull over this question:

How much do I really want wisdom of Divinity? _____. Why?



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna instructs us:


“Let Me be very clear: It may seem impossible to you, but a mere human can indeed come to know God—not merely about God, but to really know God in His entirety! Listen while I explain how…


___ 1) Devote your whole mind to Me.


___ 2) Love Me only.


___ 3) Meditate on Me always.


___ 4) Depend wholly on Me as your only refuge.


___ 5) To really know Me, God, you need both knowledge of Divinity (jnana) and wisdom of Divinity (vijnana)…


___ 6) One learns knowledge through the senses and the mind—that is, through sight and thinking.


___7) One gains wisdom through direct grasp, through insight and intuition.


___ 8) Knowledge is “knowing” it at an intellectual level.


___ 9) Wisdom is “realizing” it fully and applying it in daily living.


___10) Combine both knowledge and wisdom of Divinity, and there is nothing more you need to know in this world!


___11) And yet, only one person in many thousands seeks full God-knowledge.


___12) Of these only one in many thousands gains it.


___ 13) Despite these odds, it is the intent of The Divine that all beings, in due time, achieve full God-knowledge, which includes the wisdom of Divinity.


___ 14) The rare ones who do attain this level of wisdom, become, in effect, indistinguishable from Divinity (Me), and thus they achieve liberation.


___15) When you truly get to know Me in My entirety you will come and join Me in eternity.   – Krishna




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