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Worksheet 20


Spiritual Work Is Never Wasted


Life Inventory:


     (a) Of all 9 statements below, circle the most meaningful one.


     (b) Think, intuit, imagine (guesstimate) your answers to the

following two questions:

 1. How many more lifetimes (births and deaths) might you have to experience? _______

 2. To cut that number at least in half, or even eliminate it, what should I start doing now, and what should I stop doing now? Jot your answers for future reference.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna informs us:


“But what if one dies trying? What happens to the imperfect yogi who tries but can’t subdue the mind? Is he or she an utter failure in both worlds?


___ 1) Know this profound truth: spiritual work is never wasted! Fear not.


___ 2) Do this good work and you will not come to a bad end—in this world or any world beyond.


___ 3) The one who strives for Self-realization never comes to grief.


___ 4) Karmic law operates so that souls reincarnate in environments befitting their spiritual attainments.


___ 5) Good people who die (even those who have veered off the path) go to the heaven of those who do good deeds.  They dwell there for a number of years and then take birth again in a home that is pure and prosperous.


___ 6) The ones who find themselves born into the pure and prosperous homes at first enjoy the relatively tame desires they held in their former bodies. As soon as those pleasures are done, they are irresistibly drawn to Spirituality by the force of the good habits they cultivated in the previous life.


___7) A few special ones will take birth into a family that is spiritually advanced, but such births are difficult to obtain. When this happens, the good environment draws out their latent spirituality and leads them rapidly toward liberation.


___ 8) Even those who show only faint interest (for example, those who merely ask spiritual questions), progress further than the stalled people who unthinkingly follow the rites and ceremonies of their belief systems


___ 9) As I mentioned, the Divine plan is that you become purified over many lifetimes and ultimately achieve oneness with Divinity.”


– Krishna




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