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Worksheet 19


Be an In-the-World Yogi


Self Inquiry—Your Yogi Scale Self Assessment:


(a) To what extent are you yogi-like? Mark yourself 1-9 (see scale

below) at each of the 18 qualities and behaviors below.



Never              Seldom              Sometimes              Frequently             Regularly


(b) Thoughtfully pick the 4-5 most important to you now, and rank

order their current importance to you.


(c) Mark * * any “Impossibles” (unattainables) for revisiting.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna reveals:


“Your mind has long been dissipated by worldly things and does not easily come under sway, but through constant spiritual effort you do become a purified yogi…


___ 1) Fully control and withdraw your mind from selfish cravings, then you will be in yoga, which is union with Divinity.


___ 2) Make your mind as unwavering as the steady flame of a candle in a sheltered place.


___ 3) Dive deep into the infinite bliss of the Lord; rise above and beyond the senses.


___ 4) Make your whole life a meditation—then your goal and the means for reaching it become one!


___ 5) Desire nothing whatsoever. While in this state of mind you cannot be shaken by any calamity.


___ 6) Achieve the desireless state and you actually sever your contact with pain and end all your sorrow!


___ 7) Rein in your restless and fidgety mind from wandering outside to seek stimulation and satisfaction. Turn your attention inward, train

the mind to rest in the Divine.


___ 8) Anchor your attention in Atma, think of nothing else. Then, peace gradually arises and you repose in utter quiet with the Divine.


___ 9) As the yogi is constantly united with the Godhead, he or she is always blissful.


___10) See Divinity, Atma, everywhere, in every creature and in all creation.


___11) See Me (Divinity) in everything and every thing in Me.


___12) Know the staggering truth that the Self in the individual is the Self in all!


___13) Live in constant spiritual awareness and you will never lose Me—nor will I ever lose you.


___14) Choose the great yet attainable ideal in life of turning Godward, of constantly and consciously moving toward Divinity—every step, breath, and act.


___15) When you shift from self-directed (i.e., ego-self) to being to God-directed, you live your whole life in Divinity.


___16) Make each of your contacts with others inwardly an adoration.


___17) Recall that a yogi is seriously on the path, but not necessarily at the end of it. One is a  yogi during the process of becoming. Persist birth after birth until fit for merging into God.


___18) Know with certainty that you are one with Brahman, the Supreme Godhead beyond the physical universe.


The aim is not merely to know about God, but to really know God—to literally become One with Divinity. This is the profound plan and purpose of creation that is hidden from most people.”   – Krishna




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