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Worksheet 16


Be a Jnani

(A Person of Wisdom)


Self-Inquiry & Self-Reflection:


     (a) Choose the 3 points most important to you from all 18

           statements below and rank-order them: first, second, third.


     (b) Put a ** mark at any “Impossibles” (behaviors, attitudes

          that seem unattainable at this point). Plan to revisit them.


     (c) Candidly rate yourself 1-9 (see scale) at each of the 18

           items above, based on the extent you are that in daily life.



Often                                          Seldom                                  Sometimes



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna Teaches us:


“Be a Jnani (a God-focused person of wisdom, a Sthithaprajna, Yogi, Wise One)…


___ 1) Cast out ignorance of mind (not knowing Atma, the True Self Within) and through knowing this, erase your past impurities.


___ 2) Ever-fix your now purified mind on Divinity and keep it completely absorbed in God.


___ 3) See only Divinity in every being and every-thing—love all beings equally.


___ 4) Even while in your body drop any notion that you have a personal existence separate from the Divine.


___ 5) Focus your mind always on the absolute Oneness of Divinity and your own unity with that Oneness.


___ 6) Since the Divine is utterly flawless, be aware that you, the Atma, are likewise perfection without blemish or bias.


___ 7) Directly experience your own identity within Brahman, the Supreme, and be totally free from the delusion you are otherwise.


___ 8) Do not be elated by good fortune or depressed by what is painful, neither rejoice nor grieve.


___ 9) Need no external supports whatsoever. None!


___10) Meditate intensely on Me, be fully absorbed in Me; realize the constant bliss that comes with living in the Self.


___11) Be God-intoxicated, revel only in Divinity.


___12) Do not look for happiness in the external realm, find your joy and peace completely within.


___13) Know that misery always walks in step with worldly pleasure; when you invite pleasure in, pain comes in also, uninvited.


___14) Know that desire and anger are always linked, and that transcending them brings you true, lasting happiness (bliss). When desires vanish, anger disappears.


___15) Be aware that your bliss dwells within you in direct proportion to the extent you are disentangled from the worldly.


___16) Live life truly in God. Install your mind and heart firmly resident in the Divine;


___17) Always seek to contribute to the welfare of all.


___18) Take charge of the body, mind, senses, and intellect. In this state you can realize the constant freedom and bliss

of Me, who resides in you!”   – Krishna




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