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Worksheet 13


The Power of Self-Knowing


Self-Inquiry & Self-Reflection on the Path of Wisdom:

(a) Review the 18 teachings below and mark the two

     most important to you at this time in life.

(b) Put a ? by the two that most puzzle you.

(c) Mark any “Aha!” items (sudden clarity, insights).

(d) Put a * * by any “Impossibles!” (hopelessly unattainable

    at this point). Plan now to revisit them in the future.

(e) Be ready to share your answers.



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna reveals:

“Spiritual knowledge (jnana), which is knowing the True Self Within, does what nothing else can do!


___ 1) Offering spiritual knowledge as a sacrifice (as a worship) is better than any material offering.


___ 2) The goal of all actions, is not to multiply possessions, but to bring you to spiritual wisdom.


___ 3) You are alive solely to become enlightened and united with God.


___ 4) Whole heartedly revere someone who has genuinely achieved spiritual knowledge, as this will help you develop your own understanding.


___ 5) Earnestly strive for enlightenment, and then Divinity will put you in contact with an enlightened teacher.


___ 6) Sincerely question your teacher. An illumined soul can bring light to many inquirers.


___ 7) Once you gain spiritual wisdom you will never again be deluded or confused, you will see all of creation in your True Self and in Me, God.


___ 8) Knowledge of True Self reduces all three karmas to ashes—destroying distant and near-future karmas, and rendering current karma ineffective even as it works itself out.


___ 9) Nothing in the world purifies like spiritual knowledge (knowing the True Self Within).


___10) To acquire this knowledge takes searching inquiries into the nature of the Real and not-Real.


___11) Give your whole mind and heart to the search, and in due time you will come to know these things in your heart.


___12) Hold this knowledge as your highest goal.


___13) Make your faith deep, and you will grasp this wisdom quickly and achieve the perfect peace of Divinity.


___14) People ignorant of Atma and without faith, waste their lives. They alienate themselves from their Self, and thus from unity with others. They will not be happy either in this world or the next.


___15) Not knowing your True Self is the basic cause of your reluctance to act. With Self-knowledge, fearless action comes at once.


___16) Have no doubts about your own Divinity.


___17) Renounce the fruits of your actions by offering all your work to God—then, no (karmic) bonds can hold you.


___18) Even if you are ever occupied with action, if you have this knowledge and detachment you cannot be tainted by karma.


Arise, take your stand! Use the sword of knowledge to cut your doubts to pieces.”   – Krishna




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