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Worksheet 11


The Avatar’s Declaration


Self Inquiry–Clarity Assessment:


(a) Pick the 3 to 5 items from the 15 below items that are most

meaningful to you now. Rank them in order of importance.


(b) Mark each of the 15 items 1 to 9 (see scale) based on how clearly

you really know it in your heart this time.



Vague                Hazy                Clearer                Evident                A Certainty



In the Bhagavad Gita Krishna affirms to us:


“I said that it was I who taught these same eternal truths to the earliest humans—and you question how an apparently modern man can instruct an ancient one. Listen…


___ 1) People say the sun rises and sets, but it does not ‘rise’

or ‘set,’ it is merely out of sight.


____ 2) I am not ‘born’ nor do I ‘die,’ yet ordinary mortals

see Me ‘coming’ and ‘going’ and think that I am born many times.


___ 3) You and I have passed through many births, but you are unaware of your Atma, your lasting reality, while I am aware of My continuity through the countless ages. That is the difference.


___ 4) As the Divinity in all creatures and all of nature I am birthless and deathless.


___ 5) From time to time I manifest My self in worldly form and live what may appear to be an earthly life, but that is only My maya, My power of illusion.


___ 6) In truth, I am beyond humankind.


___ 7) Whenever goodness and dharma weaken and

evil grows stronger I make Myself a body; I do this to uplift and  transform society, reestablish the balance of goodness and evil, explain the plan and purpose of life, and serve as the model for others.


 ___ 8) I come in times of spiritual and moral crisis, age after age, for this purpose.


 ___ 9) Most people cannot comprehend that the Supreme Divinity is actually here in human form.


 ___ 10) Few dare to learn the secret that I, God, am the Operator within themselves.  For them, My coming in human form is a rare opportunity.


 ___ 11) Those who learn this secret become absorbed in thinking of Me and keeping in mind the divinity within themselves.


 ___ 12) Knowing the Self purifies them of selfishness, fear, and anger – and like many before them, they reach the Supreme Goal, which is to become One with Me.


 ___ 13) I have no favorites. Whatever path a person travels to Me is My path.


 ___ 14) I return like for like. If people treat Me as parent, I treat them as My children. If they serve Me as a master, I am their Lord. If they see me as a child, I am a child: as a friend, I am their friend; even if they see me as an enemy, I approach them as an enemy; if they pine for me, I pine for them.


 ___ 15) Any desire for worldly things is a form of prayer and can result in quick responses from the gods (the minor deities).  The higher the ideal, however, the more arduously you have to pursue it, and the longer you must wait.   – Krishna




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