We Are Made of Light!


It is already becoming obvious to us on a strictly physical level that the physical universe that we inhabit is not quite as "solid" as it seems.  Physicists are gradually discovering that "matter is not made out of matter".  "Atoms are not solid little marbles."  Instead they are spherical bundles of energy, which are made up of even smaller spherical bundles of energy.  And each of these little energy spheres contain vast areas of empty space and are in turn surrounded by enormous zones of empty space. In fact, they're mostly empty space.  And these spherical bundles of energy obey completely different rules at the quantum level than ordinary "matter" does at the macro level of our everyday experience.  In fact, from one completely valid scientific perspective, it turns out that each one of us is actually made up of billions of little spheres of condensed energy - floating in empty space.  So, in one sense, we are actually "Beings of Light"!


Particle physicists are also showing that teleportation occurs regularly at the quantum level, and theoretically it is also possible at the gross physical level (although according to current theory it would be an extremely rare event).  And if "String Theory" is right, these same physicists are also theorizing that there may be as many as 11 different dimensions, perhaps even more, - and that's just at the physical vibratory level. Plus, evolutionary planetary biologists are now realizing that "life" is probably very common throughout the universe.  And just by sheer probability, a certain percentage of it would have to be much more intelligent and technologically advanced than we are. And by definition they also would be "Light Beings" - even if they aren't aware of it yet. So even according to modern science we are "Light Beings" who are inhabiting a universe that is stranger than we can conceive of - a multi-dimensional Universe filled with intelligent "Light Beings" - a multi-verse of infinite possibility.


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