The Violet Flame Of Compassionate Forgiveness


The Ascended Master Saint Germain has brought forth the teaching of the Violet Flame to humanity at this time to help accelerate the cleansing and purifying of our feeling worlds so that we can more easily enter the coming Golden age as smoothly as possible.


If you're already familiar with the idea of the Violet Flame and would like to learn how to start using it, please go here: The Violet Flame Meditation.  Otherwise please continue reading to learn about what it is, it's benefits and how it works.


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The following is an excerpt on the Violet Flame from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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The Violet Flame

What Is It?


Pearl urged us to use the “Violet Consuming Flame of Loving, Compassionate Forgiveness” on a daily basis.  The Ascended Ones explain that there is no better way of cleansing and purifying our “inner-self.”


And How Does the

Violet Flame Work?


Pearl explained that every feeling which we experience, and every thought we think, releases energy which radiates through and around us.  Benevolent thoughts and feelings release an energy that is a blessing for humanity.  While selfish or angry, resentful emotions and thoughts release energy that is destructive to all life.  Though we may wish to have only happy, uplifting, healing, purifying thoughts and feelings, because we are not yet perfect we sometimes make mistakes.  What if we have lost our temper, or otherwise have felt, thought, said, or done something that was discordant?  Is there a way that we can change or “requalify” the destructive radiant energy that we have released so that it will no longer be harmful to others and ourselves?  And is there anything that we can do to “undo” any damage that we have already done to Mother Earth, ourselves, and the life that continually surrounds us?  Likewise, is there a way we can remove the underlying causes of our unwise behavior, as well as preventing its otherwise inevitable painful karmic lessons from occurring.  Fortunately for us all, there is!


It is called the “Law of Forgiveness” and it involves the use of the “Violet Flame.”  It turns out that the feeling and thought energy that is constantly emanating from us is actually a form of spiritual light energy.  And as we know, all light possesses color.  So, our feelings – which are a form of energy – radiate light of a particular color, although our vision may not yet be spiritually raised high enough in vibration to observe these colors.  For example, the Great Ones tell us that the feeling of divine love releases an exquisite soft pink radiance.  And even though it feels “soft,” they explain that it is the most powerful force in the universe, and when wisely used, nothing can prevail against it.  Similarly, when we are using divine wisdom we are shining with a golden light.  Likewise, when we are an outpouring of the right use of divine power we are glowing with a beautiful clear, “electric blue” light, or one of its softer more pastel shades.  Our Arisen Sisters and Brothers explain that the pink light of love corresponds to the heart-centered activity within each one of us, regardless of whether we are male or female.  While the blue color is an attribute of the divine power side of every man and woman.  And the golden yellow light of true wisdom, arises from the perfect balance and oneness of our heartfelt feminine Divine Intuition, blended with the deep, clear thinking of our masculine activity of Divine Mind.  As we gaze upon these particular colors, it increases these three essential divine qualities within us.  This is why Sai Baba had the colors of lovely, delicate pinks, beautiful soft blues, and clear pastel yellows and golds, used throughout the buildings of his ashrams.


Naturally other feelings are associated with still more colors.  The Great Ones tell us that when we are feeling at peace, there is a lovely green glow about us.  The feeling of devotion is white, tinged with a little blue.  And it turns out that the feeling of compassionate forgiveness radiates an exquisite violet color.  Amazingly enough, forgiveness is such a powerful activity of our own divinity that the violet light released, actually takes on the form of an awe-inspiring divine flame which comes up through us, as it purifies and uplifts us.  Pearl explains that this is similar to the divine flame that Moses saw in the “burning bush,” or like the pink, gold, and blue flames of love, wisdom and power, which arise from the center of our own hearts.  In India, in the Hindu tradition, they refer to these sacred divine flames as “jyotish” flames (pronounced joe-tish).  In fact, this is a part of the secret teachings of the “Sacred Fire,” or “agni yoga,” (pronounced og-nee) previously only taught in its fullness in the Retreats of the Ascended Host.*  Thus, whenever we are asking our Higher-Self (our I AM Presence), to forgive us, a beautiful Violet Flame comes up through and around us from deep within the earth, even though we are not usually able to see it.  Likewise, when we choose to feel forgiveness toward someone else, the Violet Flame comes up through both them and us!  This Violet Flame is often called the “consuming,” or “transmuting,” flame, because it has the ability to actually purify us by “consuming” the dark, negative, misqualified energy of resentment, anger, hatred, depressions, or whatever, and changing or “transmuting” it back into the pure pristine energy of divinity.


The Arisen Master, Sanat Kumara, describes the Violet Consuming Flame as follows:


Remember, although all causes have their effects, and although you must experience the effects of all causes which you have set in motion, still, there is Forgiveness, a Law unto itself, which makes it possible for you to Rise out of the world of what would be otherwise a limitless chain of cause and effect without respite.  By the Grace of God, Man was created in God’s image and likeness and, like the God that he is, Man has the ability to Forgive; and in that Forgiveness, which is a Great Blazing Flame that dissolves and consumes all discordantly qualified energy and binding limitation in which the individual has bound himself through many ages, is that flame of Divine Love which dissolves and consumes all human creation, and sets the individual, wholly Pure and Perfect before the Doorway to his Eternal Freedom.


Visualize the Fire of Forgiveness as a great Violet Fire, blazing up, through and around you and throughout your world, starting far down in the earth and leaping in great waves of Light about you everywhere, soaring overhead.  And if at the same time you will couple that visualization and qualification with the expression, “I AM,” you will release the Flame’s Full Power . . .


And then Sanat Kumara recommends the following affirmation:


“ ‘I AM’ the Violet Consuming Flame, blazing up, in, around and through me and through my world.”


He continues to explain that if we use an affirmation similar to the one above:


You will do yourself and your world, or anyone, or any condition in or upon which you feel called to act, no matter where on the Earth that person or condition may be, inestimable good.  Soon you will be using this Flame daily in ways that you have never dreamed, and the results you will obtain are, at this time, beyond your present power of comprehension, so great and wonderful is the effect of this Mighty Flame.  And though the Violet Fire may be invisible to your outer sight until you have raised your sight sufficiently, which Raising Activity the Violet Fire performs, you are the Fire’s keeper.  Yes, each of you is a “Keeper of the Flame.”  But of what good is that if you only “keep” it and do not use it; so use it, I beg you.  Use the Violet Consuming Flame and you will make, not only Me, but Saint Germain, very happy; for Saint Germain is the Chohan* of the Violet Ray, which is the Seventh Ray . . .


The Violet Consuming Flame is His Special Gift to Mankind at this time, which has made possible Man’s so rapid clearing from certain conditions, so called “karmic” accumulations, which had they been allowed to continue, would have prevented the great Expansion of the Light for the birth of the New Age, which all, especially I, have so long awaited.


If you wish to have greater understanding of This Flame and its use, and your own individual mission in its use in establishing and sustaining your own Individual Freedom, so that as a clear, Free Being, you may assist Saint Germain in His Blessed Service in bringing in This New Age, then speak to Him, and I am sure that He will be only too charmed to reply.3


- from, "I AM" the Open Door, by Peter Mt Shasta


It is helpful to understand that Saint Germain, as well as our other Ascended Friends, usually “reply” by pouring into us a serene, uplifting radiation which contains within itself the necessary inspiration.  Once this is implanted within us, it then naturally and gradually unfolds within us over the succeeding hours, days, months, or years, and we find ourselves naturally and happily doing the perfect things without having to try to figure out what the Great Ones have given us in their “reply.”  Thus, we do not need to hear an audible inner voice, although on occasion this might also occur.  In general, one must be very careful about hearing inner voices – sometimes they are not what they seem to be.  More will be explained about pseudo-spiritual deceptions in the section entitled, The “Light Side” of the Dark Side.


Sai Baba similarly urges us to visualize a purifying spiritual flame blazing up through ourselves.  Here is an excerpt from a letter that he wrote to one of his college students:


Think now.  Does error clog the free flowing

Essence of My Being through you?

Ask Me this moment to reveal to you your errors,

In the silence of your meditation.


Let old memories well up in you,

From My subconscious in you. . . . .

Old patterns. . . . .

Old forgotten feelings and thoughts.


Now plunge them into the Ocean of Light,

Burn them from the consciousness,

So that you may be

True emblems of My Being.


Right Now,

Visualize my burning Flame

Rising higher and higher

As it burns through you.


It is a flame that is cooling,

Cleansing and healing;

That soothes the hidden sorrow. . . . .

And leaves you calmed and quiet.4


Obviously, there is a great deal to be gained by learning to use this divine purifying flame!  This why Pearl gently, but persistently, encouraged her students to use the Violet Fire.  Among other things, she said:


At times there has been controversy over the use of the Violet Fire.  If it doesn’t come to you that it is real, if it doesn’t appeal to you, give it a chance.  Ask God to show you what it is.  Work on it, but in your working on it, be sure you do not deny it . . .  Give it a fair chance.5


She also explains that the activity of the Violet Flame is a very important part of the new “dispensation” of Light currently being given to the earth by tremendous Cosmic Beings in order to bring humanity and the earth into the New Golden Age.  A “Cosmic” Outpouring of Light for the purpose of replacing the old manner of things with a new and higher way of being, is often referred to as a “dispensation.”  Pearl says:


The New Dispensation is working through the power of the Violet Transmuting Flame of Divine Love and the Law of Forgiveness.6


And she adds:


The Great Ones are attempting to help us to understand more about the Violet Fire, to get more benefit from its action, and at the same time, learning how to use it.  It is a purifying flame that is gentle and soft.7


. . . it is just delightfully energizing, uplifting, penetrating, healing.8


In this sustaining power of the Flame, you yourself will feel more Peace.  You will feel [calmer].  You will have greater clarity.  It clears your perceptions . . .   But remember, it takes a little time to build up this great sustaining power within you, so have faith, and keep faith living, and forget not your daily application.9 


Pearl and Jerry used it daily, including when they were traveling.  In fact, Pearl said:


When traveling, always before we enter a hotel room, we blaze the Violet Fire up through the hotel, not only through the room, but [also] through the entire building.  Make the call to purify when going into places – on the bus, train, or plane – make the call.10


And she told us, during a meditation at her home in Mount Shasta, to:


Visualize the Violet Fire moving forth in wave upon wave, going out and through the various little towns around here, . . .that it moves through and purifies.  A tremendous service will be rendered as this is taking place.11


How does the powerful, cleansing activity of the Violet Flame work?


As has been just mentioned, Pearl explained that when we feel compassionate forgiveness toward each other, or sincerely ask for forgiveness for ourselves, a beautiful Violet Flame begins blazing up through us.  And even though our spiritual vision is normally not raised high enough in vibratory rate to observe it, this gorgeous Violet Flame is nevertheless purifying our own personal emotional, mental, and physical “worlds,” as well as the world about us, and that of the others we are forgiving.  During this process it even penetrates the atomic structure of our physical bodies, raising the spiritual vibration of our atoms.  This in turn strengthens our spiritual natures, resulting in greater inner peace and happiness.  In addition, this flame moves through the discordant, self-destructive “emotional-thought forms” which we have created, and whose energy fields often surround us like layers of skin on an onion.  As the Violet Flame purifies the atoms and electrons that make up these thought-forms, their energy fields are unable to remain in their formerly discordant patterns.  Consequently, as the Violet Flame transmutes their life-force back into its original pristine purity, these purified electrons can now flow back into the all-pervading Universal Sea of Light from which they came.  There, they are part of an infinite supply of Light, which can be drawn forth by anyone, at anytime who wishes to use them to create something constructive with their thoughts and feelings.  Remarkably enough, Pearl and our Arisen Friends assure us that it is simply sincere, compassionate forgiveness which performs this mighty healing, purifying miracle!


Some of Pearl’s Insights Regarding the Use the Violet Flame Will Now Be Shared:


Using the Violet Flame


The results of the Violet Flame can sometimes be quite amazing.  One evening there was a small group of us sitting around Pearl.  One of Pearl’s students had brought her mother to the meditation/meeting and during the course of the meeting we visualized the Violet Flame coming up through us all, as it did its purifying healing work.  Afterwards, this student’s mom said, “I broke my back sometime ago, and ever since then I have been plagued with continuous pain.  But tonight, during the use of the Violet Flame, the pain left.  It is the first time in years since I have been free of it.  Thank you for what you all did for me.”  We checked with her several years later and she was still pain free.  The Violet Fire usually works in a more gradual manner, so it was quite inspiring to witness this instantaneous healing.


What is the best way to visualize the Violet Fire?  Pearl and the Great Ones tell us that it is especially helpful to visualize it coming up through and around us during our meditations.  A useful variation of the Violet Transmuting Flame affirmation is as follows:


“I AM” the Presence of the Violet Consuming Flame of Loving Compassionate Forgiveness, blazing up through me (or whomever, or whatever we wish to purify), dissolving and consuming all unkind actions and self-destructive consciousness; its causes, effects, memories, and records; its past, present, and future; transmuting everything into GOD’s Perfection, now and forever sustained.


The above affirmation is just a suggestion.  If a shorter version, or different words or phrases appeal to you, use them.  Do whatever works for you.  Of course, once one has spoken an affirmation such as this, it is usually a good idea to also ask one or more of the Ascended Host to amplify and qualify it with their Arisen Master energy.  For those unfamiliar with this kind of affirmation or decree, it may be helpful to clarify some of the terms:


· Unkind Actions:  Any inharmonious actions, including spoken words, which might have caused harm to anyone or anything.


· Self-Destructive Consciousness:  Any emotion or thought which was fearful, doubtful, self-condemning, impatient, unkind, selfish, judgmental, resentful, angry, hateful, or in some other way, less than perfect.


· Cause:  This refers to whatever “caused” us to have these particular discordant feelings and thoughts in the first place.  This cause may even be something that happened to us thousands of years ago in a former lifetime.


· Effects:  This refers to the harmful, self-destructive effects that have resulted from our inharmonious thoughts, feelings, words, or actions, including how it has affected other people, situations, or Mother Earth.


· Memories:  Our Arisen Sisters and Brothers explain that, “You have not forgiven unless you have forgotten,” so this word helps us to let go of painful, hurtful memories so that they can no longer negatively affect us and others.


· Records:  Every feeling, thought, word, or deed creates a living “energy record” in the atmosphere of the earth, as well as in our own feeling and mental worlds.  By dissolving and consuming these records, they are unable to later become re-energized again, and adversely affect us, others, or our dear planet.


· Past, Present and Future:  The same self-destructive emotions, doubts, and fears which are affecting us now, have also affected us in the past, and without the use of the Violet Flame, they will continue to affect us in the future.  Thus, this phrase helps the consuming activity to be permanent.


· Transmuting:  This is the process of actually changing, or “requalifying,” destructively qualified energies, as well as discordant “emotional/thought-forms,” back into the pure Light of the Christ.  Thus, this formerly misqualified energy now becomes a blessing for us and humanity, rather than a hindrance.  It is this incredible divine activity which makes the Violet “Transmuting” or “Consuming” Flame so useful.


· GOD’s Perfection:  Sometimes we do not fully comprehend the full nature of perfection, but our Divine Parent always does.  So by using this term we are assured of creating the highest level of perfection.


· Now and Forever Sustained:  This phrase ensures that the spiritual progress, which we have just achieved for ourselves, or others, through the use of the Law of Forgiveness, will be a permanent blessing.  It also helps to ensure that the energy we have just purified, will remain pure, rather than be misqualified once again by possible future doubts and fears.


The above affirmation, or one similar to it, can be used to blaze the Violet Flame up through ourselves, or any person, place, country, situation, or condition in the world.  We can even visualize the entire planet and all of humanity being purified by it.  But, regardless of how we are using these affirmations or decrees, it is usually best for us to visualize the Violet Transmuting Flame starting deep within the earth and coming up through and around ourselves, or whatever we are cleansing, and moving high up into the atmosphere above us.


(In fact, this is probably a good place to explain a deliberate discrepancy in the painting of the I AM Presence used in this article.  It is not easy to depict in a two dimensional painting, the multidimensional light activities associated with our I AM Presence in ways that simultaneously give the correct “eye picture” of every detail.  For example, please note that the painting portrays the Violet Flame as coming up only part way around our physical form.  That is not an accurate way of depicting the Violet Flame.  In reality, it comes all the way up through us and continues on up past our heads.  Yet, I asked the artist who painted it, to deliberately show the flame coming only halfway up the body.  This was done in order to emphasize the “Tube of White Light” surrounding us.  Since the normal inks used in printing do not glow, if the artist had painted the Violet Flame as coming up all the way through us, it would have made the area around our body look unrealistically dark, when in reality we want to be visualizing it as surrounded by an extremely brilliant white light.  So the for purpose of clarifying the brightness of the Tube of Light around us, I decided to show the flame coming up only part way.  In this way it reminds us of the reality and use of the Violet Flame, while simultaneously, not interfering with a more correct depiction of the Tube of White Light.  So even though the painting portrays the Violet Flame as coming only part way up through us, it is important to remember that when we are visualizing the Violet Flame, it is absolutely vital to visualize it as coming all the way up through us. - Bill Gaum)


As has just been explained, we want to visualize the Violet Flame as coming up from deep within the earth, interpenetrating our entire being (moving up from below our feet and clear up through us and past the top of our heads), as well as the area around us, and then continuing far up into the atmosphere above.


More Insights Into Using the the Violet Flame


Pearl taught us that this regenerating, revitalizing flame can also be used to accelerate our body’s natural healing processes.  When using it for healing, in addition to visualizing the flame coming up through our entire body, it is often helpful to also visualize another, smaller, brighter, more intense Violet Flame coming up through the particular organ or parts of the body that seem to need the assistance.  This flame is a very powerful healer, and the more we use it the quicker it works.  And as we become more adept at its use, many times we will be able to heal things instantly.  Pearl also recommended us to call to the “Angels of the Violet Flame” to assist us in its use.


She stressed that whenever we invoke the Violet Fire, the essential thing to remember is that it is the feeling of compassionate forgiveness that gives this purifying flame its power to cleanse.  And she pointed out that, as in all spiritual endeavors, sincerity is the key.  If we do not sincerely have a feeling of compassionate forgiveness towards another, (or towards humanity in general), and if we are not sincerely asking our Divine Creator to forgive us for our own mistakes, then the Violet Flame will have very little power to do its cleansing work.  At first it may sometimes seem difficult to actually feel a genuine feeling of compassionate forgiveness toward someone.  This is especially true when we are trying to forgive something that seems “unforgivable.”  But if we just do the best we can to feel forgiveness, while we are visualizing and affirming the activity of the Violet Flame, a clearer, stronger feeling of compassionate forgiveness will gradually come over time.  It may take days or weeks or years, but eventually it will come.


Generally, we are the creators of most of what we experience in life. (Of course are somethings like natural events such as storms and floods, etc, that are not our individual creation.) Thus, if we are going through difficult times, or challenging experiences, and it seems that life, or something, or someone is abusing us, the Goddess of Wisdom informs us that, more often than not, it could not be happening unless we at one time had abused someone, or life in general, in a similar fashion.  The crucial thing is to see these challenges for what they truly are – opportunities to develop and strengthen the required qualities of self-mastery, whether these be compassion, forgiveness, forbearance, serene courage, humbleness, kindness, wisdom, purity, or something else.  In this way, step by step, we gain the desired divine qualities, wisdom, and strength, and thus do not have to repeat these difficult, often self-created lessons, which just possibly might have been caused by our own misuse of the Laws of Life in the past.


Pearl also stressed that it is important for us to be balanced and patient with ourselves and others, so that we do not become discouraged or fanatical.  For instance, even though each one of us wants to do only good, sometimes no matter how hard we try to be helpful, we unintentionally also end up causing some problems or doing some harm.  In fact, Sai Baba says that it is literally impossible to be in a physical body, and not do harm.  For example, just by taking a walk, we are inadvertently crushing unseen insects, as well as hundreds of tiny living organisms that we do not even notice.  Thus, he says, “just try to do as much good as you can, while doing the least amount of harm.”  This kind of understanding helps us to be more balanced, and less fanatical, as we move towards Self-Realization and the Ascension.  It is also good to remember that only good can come from the use of this healing, purifying sacred fire.  It can never have a harmful effect to anyone or anything.  So we do not need to be afraid of using it.


One might ask, “When using the Violet Flame, how do we know when we are visualizing the right color?”


Pearl recommended using only beautiful, clear shades of violet, rather than “muddy” ones.  They can be intensely bright, or softly pastel, or somewhere in between, but they should be clear.  In fact, she said:


You will notice that lavender and violet are becoming one of the most popular colors in the stores, and with the people, . . .  It was said that before the century is out, it will be one of the most prominent colors worn, especially the delicate color of lavender-violet.1


Pearl’s only caution was that if we wish to vary from “true violet,” it is best to tend more towards the “lavender-violets” or “blue-violets,” rather than toward the reddish-violets or reddish-purples.  She also shared that our Ascended Sisters and Brothers advise us to use red, or reddish colors, as little as possible in our lives as it usually stimulates the feelings of anger and fear.  Similarly Sai Baba says:


The mind filled with anger is red in color. . . while [the] mind dedicated to GOD is pure white.2


Colors actually have a significant impact on how we feel. Thus, it probably comes as no surprise that our Elder Sisters and Brothers encourage us to experience the happiness and freedom which comes from using “Angel Colors” as much as possible in our lives.  These include soft, clear violets, lavenders, blues, turquoises, greens, golds, yellows, peaches, pinks, white, and so on.  Likewise, they teach that in general, lighter, more pastel colors will make us, and those around us feel happier, than darker colors.  Yet, darker shades of the just mentioned colors are also beneficial as long as they are not muddy ones.  For instance, “navy blue” is perfectly okay to use, yet a lighter shade would bring about greater happiness.


On this same topic, Pearl explains that there is often confusion concerning the way the word “darkness” is sometimes used.  For instance, there are some sincere spiritual aspirants who mistakenly believe that “darkness” must be a divine quality, worthy of reverence or worship, because the seeds of plants seem to need the “darkness” within the soil of Mother Earth in order to sprout, and the developing embryo seems to need the “darkness” of the womb.  But Pearl assured us that if our vision is raised high enough in vibratory rate, we would see that a mother’s womb is actually a place of brilliant spiritual Light helping the desired embryo in its divine growth.  Likewise, the seeming “darkness” within the soil of Mother Earth is actually a place of dazzling, etheric, crystalline light which helps to energize the miracle of germination within the tiny seeds which are destined to become lovely flowers, life-giving fruits and vegetables, or mighty trees.  So, it is not the “darkness” that helps the seed or the embryo.  It is the Divine Light.  On the other hand, Pearl assured us that the very real darkness that results from the accumulation of our discordantly qualified energy of hatred, anger, and ignorance is terrible indeed.  Thus, it is the Light that we should worship, not darkness.  Light is the true source of both our feminine and masculine divine natures.  So we need to take a balanced approach to these things and not jump to conclusions foolishly.


Our Elder Sisters and Brothers also explain that in order to use the Violet Consuming Flame in its full power, it is absolutely essential for us to understand the crucial differences associated with the ideas of “repressing,” “expressing,” and “transmuting” our self-destructive emotions, thoughts, and energies.  There is perhaps no other area of spirituality, psychology, and psychiatry, that has as much confusion associated with it.  Pearl and our Ascended Friends tell us that we should never “repress” angry, hateful feelings and thoughts.  Likewise, they explain that it is also extremely destructive to ourselves, others, and Mother Earth, to “express” angry, misqualified thoughts and emotions.  So what are we to do with them?  They assure us that the only safe thing to do with these dangerous, self-created energies is to transmute them by using the feelings of compassionate forgiveness and the Violet Transmuting Flame.  If we express these destructive thoughts and feelings, we not only release misqualified energy into the atmosphere of Mother Earth, making her a little sicker, but we also are shattering and damaging our own feeling world with this extremely self-destructive energy.  Likewise, we are doing the same thing to those around us, especially to those individuals with whom we may be feeling irritated or angry.  Plus, we set into motion a karmic activity that will sooner or later cause us to become even a greater victim of the very same discordant energy we have just expressed.  In addition, it releases toxic poisons into our blood stream that reduce the effectiveness of our immune system and thus contribute to causing disease and ill health within us.  In fact, one of the great saints of 20th century India,  Anandamayi Ma, explains:


Anger harms a human being in every respect.  It produces the action of poison in the body.  Pray to GOD to preserve you from this mood.  To criticize people or to feel hostile towards anyone harms oneself and puts obstacles into one’s path to the Supreme.  If someone does something bad, you should feel nothing but affection and benevolence towards him or her.4 


(I only heard Pearl talk about Anandamayi Ma a few times, but it was always with great love and respect.  Anandamayi Ma was not only one of the greatest saints of all times, being fully Self-Realized from birth, but before she passed on in 1982, her dedicated devotees and admirers included such noteworthy persons as Indira Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India.)


Likewise, if we repress these inharmonious emotions (rather than express them), they simply rot our feeling worlds, while also releasing poisons into our blood.  Therefore, “repressing” is simply a more hidden version of the more visible “expressing” activity, and results in similar unhappy emotional, mental, physical, and karmic consequences.  Yet, if we transmute these self-destructive emotions and thoughts by using the power of forgiveness, they are gone forever and can never hurt Mother Earth or any of our sisters and brothers again!


Another insight which Pearl shared, is that through the activity of compassionate forgiveness, and the Violet Consuming Flame, we can eliminate much of the misqualified energy in the astral-psychic realm.  And since we human beings are the ones who created this destructive energy in the first place, it behooves us to dissolve and consume it before it causes any more problems for us.  Pearl knew from personal experience that this horrible, dark energy of the psychic-realm can actually be transmuted back into pristine, pure Christ Light through the activity of forgiveness.




“Forgiving the unforgivable,” is the essence of the Law of Forgiveness, and when we learn to consciously combine it with visualizing its Violet Transmuting Flame, we can now begin to release its full power.  It is one of the most powerful healing activities imaginable.  Jesus said: "For if you forgive men when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you.  But if you do not forgive men their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins."  (Matthew 6:14-15, NIV).  In other words, we are forgiven only, as we forgive others.  How could it be any other way?


Five of the most powerful spiritual tools which Pearl shared with us are:


1. Intuning to our own I AM Presence through a Devotional Light Meditation;


2. “Making the call” by using appropriate affirmations, decrees, and visualizations to become or achieve whatever beneficial thing is desired for ourselves or others;


3. Using a Violet Consuming Flame of Loving Forgiveness Meditation to free ourselves from our self-created limitations and karma;


4. Calling into action and visualizing the protection of the “Tube of Light” around us; and,


5. Calling to our Ascended Sisters and Brothers to amplify and qualify our calls with their Arisen Master Consciousness, and well as assist us in every other way.


As Pearl shared these teachings with us, and we students started using these tools in our daily lives – consciously, sincerely, and consistently – our lives began changing in happy, natural ways.  Yours can too!  In fact, the more of us who are using these transcendent gifts, each in our own way, the sooner we can lift our planet into the happiness of the Permanent Golden Age.  Truly, we are greatly blessed!


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Please Try This Marvelous Guided Violet Flame Meditation!!!


Perhaps the best way to learn to visualize and use the Violet Consuming Flame is by using a “guided” meditation.  For an easy and wonderfully helpful Violet Consuming Flame “Guided” Meditation please go here.


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Please note: the "the Violet Flame or Fire" is also called "the Violet Consuming Flame, the Violet Purifying Flame, the Violet Consuming Flame of Loving Forgiveness, Violet Transmuting Flame, Violet Transmuting Flame of Compassionate Forgiveness, as well as similar terms.

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