The Violet Flame Meditation


Perhaps the best way to learn to visualize and use the Violet Consuming Flame is by using a “guided” meditation.  It helps us to get a “feeling” for how it works.  Please feel free to use the following one.  It is not the only way to visualize the Violet Flame.  Do whatever works for you, but be sure to start with the flame starting from below, and coming completely up through, around, and above yourself, or whatever it is you want to purify.


If you would like to know more about the Violet Flame before beginning the following meditation, please go here: "What is the Violet Flame?"


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The following is a "Guided Violet Flame Meditation" from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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A Violet Flame Meditation


The first step is to start with the previously described Blissful "Blended" Meditation, or a similar one.  This will help us to reach a deeper, quieter, feeling of devotion.  Once we have entered fully into this meditation, it is now an excellent time to begin using the Violet Flame.


Let us assume that we have entered this deeper level of meditative peace.  Now that we are more “heart-centered,” let us visualize this exquisitely beautiful Violet Flame coming from deep within the earth, and up through, around, and above us.  We see ourselves immersed within its peaceful action as it interpenetrates our body and surrounds us for hundreds of feet, flowing high up into the atmosphere.  Imagine that we feel it purifying and revitalizing every cell of our body.  By imagining, or “image-ing-in,” we are actually using our powerful divine creative powers of visualization and qualification (our heartfelt feelings) to begin bringing the “sacred fire” into its purifying action.  Now let us relax and feel a deep feeling of serenity, love, and compassionate forgiveness flowing from our hearts to all Life everywhere.  And as we are doing this, it now seems the most natural thing in the world to feel, visualize, and say to ourselves:


“I AM” the Presence of the Violet Consuming Flame of Loving Compassionate Forgiveness, blazing up through me (or whomever, or whatever we wish to purify), dissolving and consuming all unkind actions and self-destructive consciousness; its causes, effects, memories, and records; its past, present, and future; transmuting everything into GOD’s Perfection, now and forever sustained.


Then we just relax within the serenity of the Violet Fire, while continuing to feel a sweet, blissful feeling of compassionate forgiveness flowing out of our hearts.  Gradually, we may become aware of a soft, soothing, revitalizing feeling or “energy” coming up through us.  It is very gentle and at first, hardly noticeable.  And it seems to have a wavering, flame-like quality to it.  This is it.  This is the Violet Fire.  Barely perceptible, we may feel its smooth, delicate, re-energizing flame enkindling a new feeling of spiritual cleanliness and purity within us.  If we are not aware of this subtle energy, it does not matter.  As long as we are striving to feel forgiveness, the flame is still doing its healing, purifying work.  And as it works, it gently expands within us a growing feeling of hope, happiness, and purity.  The more we begin to touch upon this feeling of spiritual purity, the more we are becoming aware that purity is simply the state of being free of fear and doubt, and all the worries, desires, and actions that result from fear and doubt.  We marvel at the simplicity of it all.  We had forgotten how good it feels to be pure – to be free of fear and doubt.  We are amazed at its soft, blissful feeling.  And the more we feel compassion and forgiveness pouring from us, the more we realize that forgiveness is the wide open door to spiritual happiness, purity, and freedom.  It always has been and always will be.  Somehow, we know that deep inside us we have always known this great truth, but we had simply forgotten it, by being “preoccupied” with worries, attachments, and time consuming unessential tasks.


We now begin to understand in a deeper, fuller way, why Saint Germain, the “Chohan,” or “Lord” of the Violet Ray, represents Divine Freedom to our planet.  And how freedom comes from unselfish, pure intentions, and how pure intentions are a natural state of freedom.  We are gently awakening to the realization that true freedom is the state of consciousness which comes from perfectly pure unselfish spiritual intentions.  It is becoming free of our slavery to fear and doubt, and their false promises of happiness through selfish desires and actions, which in truth are the real cause all the pain we experience.  And remarkably enough, the key to this freedom is simply forgiveness – forgiveness, and its related qualities of compassion, tolerance, forbearance, patience, and love.  How could it have been any other way!  It is so obvious!  Surely we have always known it.  How did we ever forget it?


Now it is easier for us to feel an even deeper, more blissful feeling of forgiveness for the individuals who have seemed to hurt us.  And compassion grows ever stronger within us as we begin to see the pain, fear, and self-doubt that have been controlling them.  In this higher spiritual consciousness, we now realize that similar fears have also been controlling us - but they do not have to any more.  As this feeling of compassion grows, we begin to realize that compassion is the secret to feeling forgiveness.  And as we begin replacing resentment with compassion, it becomes much easier to forgive.  In fact, it seems like the most natural thing in the world.  It is also becoming clear to us that resentment has not only been making our lives miserable, but it has also been slowly destroying us.  On the other hand, compassionate forgiveness is blissful, life affirming, and rejuvenating as it lifts, heals, and revitalizes us.  And so, we begin to awaken to the true power of Jesus’ consciousness of compassionate forgiveness, which enabled him to feel and say, while hanging on the cross, “Father forgive them; for they know not what they do." (Luke 23:34, KJV).


As we awaken to these new expressions of our spiritual consciousness, we visualize the Violet Flame increasing in its brilliance.  We now picture the fear and doubt melting away from everyone and everything.  And as this lovely, sacred fire comes up through us, them, and all the world, we now see - through our imagination - everything, everywhere being transmuted into beauty, goodness, and perfection.  Love is everywhere.  GOD’s blissful Light is filling every heart to overflowing.  Peace pervades the earth.  Children’s innocent laughter fills the air.  And we are all happy - infinitely happy!  Graceful, delicate flowers abound.  Splendid, delightful birds of exquisite colors are singing lilting melodies.  Ancient blissful memories are stirred within us of still higher and more perfect realms within and above.  A gentle grace and beauty is apparent in each and every being.  And amazingly, the Violet Flame which is coming up through everyone and everything, is continually transforming all Life, making it ever more ethereal and exquisite.  Finer and finer we are becoming, until all Life is literally glowing with perfect joy, perfect health, perfect peace, perfect love.  Yes, even now we can begin to experience the blissful, inner peace of the coming Golden Age, if we simply relax and let our Love and Light, and the transforming feeling of forgiveness heal ourselves and all Life!


Now we open our hearts in grateful, adoring thanksgiving to our Divine Mother for once again awakening us to the magic of compassionate forgiveness, and to Saint Germain for bringing us the gift of the Violet Consuming Flame.  Gratitude and bliss fill our hearts to overflowing, as we pour our Love to our I AM Presence.  Then, within our hearts, we silently affirm something to the effect:


“I AM the Presence of GOD’s Loving, Compassionate Forgiveness, forever sustaining and expanding this soothing, refreshing feeling of pure intention, peace, and wholeness which permeates myself, and all Life everywhere.”


And we know in our hearts that this is just the beginning.  We are now awakening to the wise use of the extraordinary, transformative divine powers that have been lying dormant within us.  It is now clear to us, that every time we meditate and visualize the Violet Transmuting Flame bringing about these magnificent changes, we are using our GOD-given divine powers of creation.  And steadily we are transforming ourselves and all Life each time we use this gentle, yet powerful purifying sacred fire.  Thus, day by day, we are strengthening and bringing ever closer into manifestation, the marvelous divine reality of the Golden Age.  It now begins to dawn on us that we are already starting to fulfill Sanat Kumara’s hopeful message:


Soon you will be using this Flame daily in ways that you have never dreamed, and the results you will obtain are, at this time, beyond your present power of comprehension, so great and wonderful is the effect of this Mighty Flame.5


- from, "I AM" the Open Door, by Peter Mt Shasta


We now relax, and let this new sweet, uplifting consciousness of transformation fill our entire being.  It dawns on us that simply by choosing this gentle feeling of forgiveness, we can daily experience this incredible, magical healing miracle within us.  And we know that this soothing Violet Transmuting Flame will continue to do its cleansing work as we continue with other aspects of our meditation.  A little later, as our meditation comes to a close, we feel a new sense of freedom and completeness within us as we go about our day’s journey.  And peace and happiness is gradually becoming our daily companion.


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Once we start getting the feeling of how to use the Violet Flame, it is not always necessary to go into a quiet meditation.  We can use it anytime, anywhere, whether we are at work; driving along the highway; involved in some project; talking with others; or involved in some other activity – even if it is only for a minute or so.  It still does its marvelous work, even when we may not have the time or opportunity to meditate.  We can use it right where we are, on whatever we want to help purify.  We can visualize and feel the Violet Consuming Flame, blazing up through the capitol of each nation, the entire earth, or whatever people, places, and things that seem to need it most.  But if we want to use the Violet Transmuting Flame in its most powerful and long lasting form, it is best to take the time to do it during meditation.  And as with all divine activities, “practice makes perfect,” so we do not need to be discouraged if we do not seem to get the desired results right away.  The more we use it, the more adept we will become.


The Tube of Light


The Fire of Forgiveness is also an excellent way to melt away the discordant energy which we may have absorbed or “taken on” from various people, places, experiences, or situations.  But it is even better to protect ourselves from taking on these difficult energies in the first place.  How can we do this?  Pearl urged us to use “The Tube of Light.”


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(This is probably a good place to explain a deliberate discrepancy in the painting of the I AM Presence used in this article.  It is not easy to depict in a two dimensional painting, the multidimensional light activities associated with our I AM Presence in ways that simultaneously give the correct “eye picture” of every detail.  For example, please note that the painting portrays the Violet Flame as coming up only part way around our physical form.  That is not an accurate way of depicting the Violet Flame.  In reality, it comes all the way up through us and continues on up past our heads.  Yet, I asked the artist who painted it, to deliberately show the flame coming only halfway up the body.  This was done in order to emphasize the “Tube of White Light” surrounding us.  Since the normal inks used in printing do not glow, if the artist had painted the Violet Flame as coming up all the way through us, it would have made the area around our body look unrealistically dark, when in reality we want to be visualizing it as surrounded by an extremely brilliant white light.  So the for purpose of clarifying the brightness of the Tube of Light around us, I decided to show the flame coming up only part way.  In this way it reminds us of the reality and use of the Violet Flame, while simultaneously, not interfering with a more correct depiction of the Tube of White Light.  So even though the painting portrays the Violet Flame as coming only part way up through us, it is important to remember that when we are visualizing the Violet Flame, it is absolutely vital to visualize it as coming all the way up through us. - Bill Gaum)


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