Why do Sai Baba & Our Ascended Sisters & Brothers strongly recommend a vegetarian diet?



1. Well, for one thing it is much kinder to our little friends in the animal kingdom. (Nobody gets hurt or killed.)





2. For another, vegetarian food provides a much, much higher spiritual vibration than meat. In other words, eating a vegetarian diet is a really easy way to improve our spiritual consciousness! (This one’s a “no brainer”!)


3. It’s also a lot healthier for us, since it greatly reduces our intake of cholesterol and saturated fats, which in turn greatly reduces our chances of getting heart disease and strokes - the number 1 & 2 killers in developed countries.


4. Plus, since it takes much, much less water, land, & natural resources for humanity to live on a vegetarian diet, it’s easier & cheaper to produce more than enough food for everyone on the planet! Imagine how good you will feel when all the children on earth are getting enough to eat!


As Mahatma Gandhi said: The “earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need, but not every man’s greed.”


5. And, since growing vegetarian food requires much less hydrocarbons than a meat diet, it greatly reduces the output of greenhouse gases like CO2 & methane, and thus helps to reduce global warming.



6. And one of the best reasons is that vegetarian food is absolutely delicious!!!


7. Plus, it is cheaper to live on a vegetarian diet!



With all these compelling reasons, isn’t it silly not to be a vegetarian?


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Frequently Asked Questions about Vegetarian Diets:


Q: How can I be sure to get enough protein?


A: Good question. For most people, simply following the recipes that are available in hundreds of vegetarian cookbooks & web sites, and getting a pleasing variety of grains, beans, vegetables, fresh fruits & nuts will provide adequate protein. You may be surprised to know that there are a lot of outstanding athletes and bodybuilders on normal, natural vegetarian diets, including Olympic Gold Medalists.


Q: Do some people need higher amounts of protein in their diet?


A: Yes!  If your genetic ancestors evolved in a climate where vegetables & fruits were scarce in the winter (like Northern Europe), then one's ancestors probably survived on high levels of animal protein.  Consequently, your body might be genetically predisposed to need much higher levels of protein than those people whose ancestors lived in lush tropical climates where plenty of fruits and vegetables abounded year around.  For those who feel they need additional protein, it is easy to add protein powder to one’s foods, or increase the amount of protein rich foods such as tofu, or use the many, many other forms of delicious vegetable based proteins.


Q: What about dairy products? Are those vegetarian?


A: Some vegetarians like to be "vegans" - that means eating only plant foods. But others like to include dairy products in their diets. The Ascended Masters and Sai Baba teach that limited amounts of dairy foods are okay, but Sai Baba recommends greatly restricting one’s use of cheese & only using moderate amounts of milk, yogurt (curd) and other dairy foods. Don’t forget most dairy foods are high in saturated fat & cholesterol, and most cheeses are particularly high in fat.


Q: What about chicken & fish?


A: Sai Baba & the Ascended Ones explain that birds & fish (including shellfish) are part of the animal kingdom and should not be eaten. Their lives are just as precious to them as our lives are to us, plus their flesh, like all meat, has a consciousness lowering vibration, as well as containing heart damaging cholesterol and saturated fats.


Q: What about eggs?


A: Many vegetarians prefer not to eat eggs since they have the potential to become living beings. Others feel that it’s okay to eat eggs if they are unfertilized, because they can not grow into a living being. Most eggs found in grocery stores in the USA & modernized countries are unfertilized, unless they are otherwise labeled as “fertile”, whereas most eggs in India & Third World countries are fertilized. One might want to keep in mind, that Sathya Sai Baba wouldn't allow eggs into his ashram in India, plus they are extremely high in cholesterol and saturated fats.


Q: Is it possible that some foods might be good for our physical body, but have a negative effect on our spiritual body?


A: Yes! Many people don't realize that what might be good for our physical body, might not be good for our spiritual body!  For example, many kinds of meat are excellent sources of balanced protein, but unfortunately all meat has a very harmful effect on our subtle spiritual energy fields.  So it is best to always eat and do things that are good for both our physical body AND our spiritual body!



Health Tip:


Substitute olive oil for butter or margarine. It’s much healthier for your heart and cardiovascular system! You can flavor the olive oil with your favorite dried aromatic herbs like basil, oregano or tarragon, if you like.




Some Advice from Einstein:


"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on earth, as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."


- Albert Einstein


Also, it's important to remember that everyone is different.  What works best for one person, might not work well for another.  So, take your time and find out what diet works optimally for you.


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