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Beautiful, pleasing music can have a marvelous spiritually uplifting effect on our feeling worlds.  It can bring soothing, blissful inner peace, happiness and spiritual exaltation, and leave us with a pleasant feeling that "all is well".  But, unfortunately it can take someone a long time to find these exceptional heart touching songs and instrumental pieces, because most music stations aren't playing them yet.  So, in order to save you some time searching for heartwarming spiritual music, I've listed below the ones I like and I've put them in various categories.  If you like, you can check them out on iTunes, or wherever - that way you can listen to them before buying them. (We do not provide links to iTunes or Amazon music files within this website, because we try to have as little to do with money as possible.) Naturally, there are enormous number of inspiring songs out there that I haven't heard yet.  But at least this incomplete list can get you started on bringing wonderful soothing uplifting music into your life.  And over time I'll add more songs to the list.


By the way, I can not vouch for the spiritual, ethical or moral integrity of any of these artists, nor of their spiritual teachers or paths - I just find their music particularly uplifting to listen to.  Also, neither myself nor this website receives any money to promote these songs or artists (we don't even know them).  Neither do we receive any money from the sales of any songs you may purchase from wherever you buy them.  We're just trying to let you know about some nice uplifting spiritual music that has been a blessing to us.


The music and songs below are divided into two major categories: "Songs" and "Instrumental Music", and then subdivided into more specific categories.  The songs are in alphabetical order to make it easy to find particular ones.  All of the songs are exceptionally beautiful and uplifting.  Some are soothing and meditative while others are upbeat and energetic.   The ones that are particular favorites of mine are followed by 3 asteriks {***} and you might want to try them first in order to get a feeling for the types of songs available in each category.


To listen to a particular song, just highlight it's name, as well as the singer's name, copy it, and paste it into the search bar of your iTunes store or Amazon.com or whatever is your favorite place to purchase songs.  It might be helpful to know that the artist I've chosen for each song sings that song particularly sweetly.


May you have a blissful life filled with beautiful lifting music!


Please click on the links below or on the side menu to explore our various categories of music.  Have fun!


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Meditative & Instrumental Music


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