The Soul’s Prayer


From the book, "On the Heights"


Written by Christian Larson


This is a beautifully written prayer that

affirms our Oneness with GOD and GOD's Divine Qualities.



The Soul’s Prayer


Infinite Father, Eternal Spirit, Omnipresent Divinity, the highest love of my heart and soul is for thee.


Thou art all that is beautiful, all that is good, all that is true, all that is divine.


From eternity to eternity my life is in thee, and thy house of the many mansions, my everlasting home.


I behold thy shining countenance, radiant with loveliness and infinite joy. I feel thy omnipresence, and know that thou art closer than breathing, nearer than hands and feet.


Thy infinite love is in my heart, going forth to all the world, an angel of peace, kindness and sympathy. Thy goodness fills me and surrounds me. In Thee everything is good. I live in Thee and all is good in me.


Thou art Perfect Being, and I am thy image and likeness. Thou art eternal, without beginning and without end, and as thou art, the same am I also.


I have always lived in thee, and in thee I shall live eternally; beautiful, endless existence divine.


Infinite Father, God of all that is beautiful and true, I am one with thee. We are united forever in all that is, for thou livest in me and I in thee.


Thou art perfection, and I am thy image and likeness. Thou art divine wholeness, and as thou art, I am, for in all things I am thy likeness divine.


I am perfect and whole in body; I am pure and clean in mind; I am strong and beautiful in soul, for I am thy image and likeness.


I am walking with thee; wherever I go thou art always with me; therefore my ways are ways of pleasantness and all my paths are peace.


The shining glory of thy kingdom is ever before me; in the light of thy radiant countenance do I dwell forever. Every moment of my existence is an eternity of bliss, and I rejoice everlastingly while my heart is singing with countless angel throngs.


Thy beautiful children, the numberless souls of thy omnipresent kingdom, are all with me; they are my eternal companions, their faces beaming with infinite joy, their garments shining with the glory and splendor of thy luminous presence.


Wherever my body may be, wherever my mind may roam, I am always in thee, living in thy beautiful heaven, abiding forever in thy arms of tenderness and love.


Thy spirit ever leads me through the endless pathways of life’s delightful journey, and all that is good is ever coming to me. Thou art my safety, my guide and my protection, and all is well.


I shall be taught of thee all that I needs must know at every step of the perfect way. The light of thy wisdom shall ever shine upon me, and I shall think thy thoughts after thee.


Infinite Father, Supreme Creator of all the world, thou art my life and my power; thou art my wisdom and my understanding; thou art my tenderness and my love; thou art my peace and my joy; thou art my purity and my wholeness; thou art my virtue and my supply. From thee do I ever receive all that eternal life can give, the boundlessness of thy infinite kingdom.


In thee there is wisdom and light; in thee there is power and love; in thee there is glory and joy; in thee there is wholeness and strength; in thee there is virtue and peace; in thee there is freedom and life; in thee there is goodness and truth; in thee there is all that was, is or evermore shall be, and in thee I live and move and have my being.


Thou livest in me, and I in thee; and all that is in thee is in me, for I am thy image and likeness.


My heart is filled with tenderness and love for all the world; every soul in existence is dear to me, for we are all thy children, forever living in thee, filled and surrounded with thy tender love and care. And before me all is beautiful and all is well.


Infinite Father, to know thee is to dwell eternally in the secret places of the Most High, in the highest heavens, upon those supreme heights where thy infinite glory is shining forever.


And thou hast revealed thyself to me; I have learned to know thee face to face; I am even now in thy beautiful presence, and before me lies the endless pathway of the life eternal; upward and onward forever, ever ascending into greater and greater glory, ever drawing nearer and nearer to the omnipresent throne of God.


Infinite Father, I am forever with thee, and how good it is to be here; before me all is beautiful, my very pathway glittering with celestial brilliancy in the heavenly light of the eternal sun.


This is life, and I thank thee; with all my heart and soul I thank thee forever and ever, for thou art goodness eternal, kindness and love divine.


Thus shall I ever live; filled and surrounded with God; walking hand in hand with the great white throng; abiding in the kingdom; living in the great eternal light; giving to all the world the boundlessness of the gifts of love from on high; dwelling eternally upon the sublime heights of divine existence, the shining mountain tops of the spirit, and ever ascending to the greater glories prepared for me in my Father’s House.




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