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More on the Dangers of Thoughtforms


This article explains how friendships and other precious relationships can be destroyed by sneaky, powerful, emotional-thought-forms. It also explains how we are all negatively influenced by "stray thoughtforms" every day of our lives and how if we can become more aware of their tactics, we can become free of their damaging influence.   Be sure to read the part about "Cathy & Debbie".  It is a fascinating and helpful topic.


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The following is an excerpt on this subject from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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“Stray” Thought-Forms


As we now know, discarnate human beings and “stray” thought-forms influence us in various subtle ways.  Some forms of these can be worse than others, but they are all destructive.  For instance, thought-forms of anger try to pit friends or family members against each other.  And discarnates who were addicted to alcohol when they were in embodiment, hang around people who drink, and prompt them to drink in ever greater amounts.  This way they can absorb the same kind of emotional energy to which they are still addicted.  Other entities deliberately cause us to misinterpret other people’s words and actions in order to create misunderstandings, confusion, and conflict.  Still other thought-forms and discarnates influence us in additional ways.  As has been mentioned, the thought-forms do these horrible things, because they literally live off of the particular kinds of discordant energy radiating from us when we “give in” to their suggestions.  For example, the anger entities live off of our anger.  The discarnates on the other hand, are often addicted to the misqualified sensations and emotional energy that typified their own behavior in former lifetimes.  Alcoholic discarnates are an example of this.  As one can imagine, this is a terrible drain on the life force of the people who are being victimized in this way.  Pearl was now realizing that one of the most important ways we can protect ourselves from these subtle, ever present influences in our lives is simply by learning to be master of our own thoughts and feelings so that we are always naturally feeling and thinking things which are constructive, life-affirming, and happy.  In fact, she was discovering that this is one of the major benefits of self-mastery.


Saint Germain explains this in the following way:


My dear children, and I hope you do not mind My calling you that – for you are My children, and will one day know why – I would like, and indeed it is imperative, that I talk to you about what you will hear Me remind you of many times, and that is the necessity of controlling your thoughts and feelings; for what “Master” means more than any other single thing, is One that has complete Dominion over those dual activities of his Flame.  When your thoughts and feelings are disciplined you have the reins of your control firmly in your hands, and when undisciplined: imbalance, frustration, confusion, and every despair man’s earthly life is heir to.  O that I could impress this into your minds so surely, that you would never from this moment allow stray thoughts and feelings carry you into a condition you later find you regret.  How I would like to protect you from all those fixes that you do get yourselves into, that you then have to call on Us to get you out of – all because of a whim, a stray thought which you gave your attention to, which stayed to linger in your world, drawing on your energy, until it became too powerful to resist and you gave in – which, if you had been more alert, could have been consumed and dismissed from your world before it had gained any energy.  You see I know how it works.  I know all about you blessed ones.  Those of you who are so eager to open your inner vision would literally shriek at the sight of some of the thought forms – for all thoughts are forms that have been qualified in a certain way according to the feeling of the creator – that are floating about in the atmosphere and attaching themselves to people, who, by the attention they give to these ideas, have become magnets for them; and you would certainly run the other way if you could see them.  And you wonder some times that you do not feel so well, or that you have an ache here and there, or perhaps a headache for no “apparent” reason?  So, you must dismiss these thoughts before they get a hold.  Dismiss every negative thought and feeling; and you do not, I believe, need Me to tell you what “negative” is.  Dismiss any “less than perfect” thought or feeling that you notice beginning to drive in on you, and say: “You have no power!  By the Pristine, Pure, Power of the Light That ‘I AM,’ ‘I AM’ invincibly Protected against all human creation!”  And that is all that those unpleasant things are that seem to close in on you from nowhere – humanly created forms given independent life by the sustaining power of feeling charged into them by their creator.


You must guard your worlds against these strays, dear ones, and strays they are, with more power to harm you than a stray dog, for while the stray dog may only harm your physical dwelling, stray thoughts, and feelings harm that sensitive, magnetic electronic body of yours which is your spiritual dwelling, and which you have been striving for so long and endured so much to Purify.  It is a crime, dear ones to allow any strays into your world, no matter who or what their source may be – and many times it will be a dear friend or member of your own family.  But, as you are responsible, you alone, for what you allow into your world, dismiss the force acting immediately – and with this respect, I suggest that you show no mercy.


In dealing with these people through whom a force is working, however, you must always remain kind and of course, natural; never do you have the right to discipline another who has free will and is responsible for himself – your Inner Work concerns you alone!  And of course, you must not be the one to inflict anything on anyone else because of your lack of self-discipline in this area.  So, dear ones, there is nothing for it but to BE MASTER OF YOUR OWN WORLD!


 Each is a gardener, each responsible for what is growing in the fertile soil of his own world.  If you feel upset or ill it is because you have allowed something to grow there, or indeed, it is something that you have caused to grow there yourself.  Then you must say to your God-self: “Dear God, please show me what is causing this condition, and root it out of my world, take my attention off it forever; I know that it has no power other than what I have given it and allowed it to take, and now by the Power of God That ‘I AM,’ I dissolve and consume it forever.  I call on the Fire of Forgiveness [the Violet Flame].*  See to it, please that this never happens again.  I Thank you.”  Then see to it that you do not let it happen again.


 You and you alone, can Master your Attention.  We can not do it for you, as much as We would like to spare you the hardship – for how would you learn, how would you become a Master without that experience?  We do not mean to frighten you, for know that there is nothing of which you need to be afraid; however We do warn, guide and direct you, for We have already been through this human vale of tears, raised ourselves above it, and become forever Masters over it; and so We can now share the Knowledge gained from our experience with you that you may learn by it, know the Truth – and Be Free! And the fastest way to that Freedom is to control your thoughts and feelings.1 

Subtle Influences: "Cathy & Debbie"


Over time, Pearl learned additional ways in which these various stray thought-forms can subtly and cunningly influence humanity on an everyday basis.  Let us take for example the breaking up of friendships.  Imagine that a woman named Cathy goes to the store to do some shopping.  She spots her best friend, Debbie, at the other end of an aisle, but because Debbie is not wearing her contact lenses today, and is holding her eyeglasses in her hands, she can not see her.  Cathy waves to her, but even though Debbie is looking right at her, she does not recognize her and turning around, walks the other way.  Now Debbie is innocent of any wrong doing, but the astral-psychic realm loves to use innocent misunderstandings to cause trouble.


A thought comes into Cathy’s mind.  Cathy thinks that it is her own thought, but it is really a “projected thought” from a discarnate human being or an astral thought-form.  But because it is worded just the way Cathy would word her own thoughts, and contains the same kind of feeling that Cathy might feel, she thinks it is her own thought.  Thus, she now finds herself thinking, “I wonder why Debbie ignored me?  She looked right at me, saw me wave to her, and then turned around and walked the other way!  I wonder if Jody said anything to her about why I didn’t come to her birthday party.  No, Jody wouldn’t have said anything and besides I felt so bad because I didn’t have time to make a gift for Debbie that I just couldn’t go.”  Now the sinister force has been successful in introducing a “hurt feeling” into her consciousness and as this feeling begins whirling in her emotional world, she starts feeling a little resentful.  But because of Cathy’s usually tolerant, understanding nature, her Higher Divine Self (her I AM Presence), is able to release some Light into her feeling world and perk her up a little bit.  Consequently, she is able to throw off the mild, hurtful feeling as some kind of silly misunderstanding and continue her shopping.


A little while later Cathy is waiting at the checkout counter.  And because she happens to be standing too close to someone whose feelings are upset because of an argument they had with their spouse the previous day, she unknowingly “takes on” some of the discordant energy surrounding this person.  This added misqualified emotional energy in turn enables another projected astral emotional/thought-form to easily work its way into her mental and feeling world.  Now, to her dismay, she finds herself thinking and feeling with considerable irritation, “I can’t believe Jody would tell Debbie why I didn’t show up last week!  I never said anything against her!  And think of it, Debbie looked right at me and wouldn’t even acknowledge that I existed!”  Now the misqualified energy is starting to whirl even faster in her emotional world and, as a result of this disturbance, her solar plexus is opening up and allowing a much larger volume of angry, psychic energy to pour right into her.  At this point it may help to understand that on the inner subtle levels, “like attracts like.”  So Cathy’s discordant energy is now attracting to her a small, but powerful portion of the vast mass consciousness of anger which has been released by humanity over thousands of years and which is stored in the psychic realm.  But again, because of Cathy’s generally kind, well-meaning nature, a compassionate Lady Master who is observing the situation is permitted by the Great Law to fill her with an uplifting feeling, which helps her once again to feel that the whole thing might be a misunderstanding.  This allows her to become more “centered” and “balanced” again, and thus she is able to put the hurtful, resentful feelings aside.


Cathy is now driving down the highway.  If she had put her attention on her I AM Presence with a feeling of devotion; or if she had thought of happy things; or said a prayer; made a “call;” poured love to Jesus or one of the Ascended Masters or Sai Baba or her I AM Presence while saying over and over again, “I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus, I love you Jesus, .  .  .  (or whomever)” – (this is called “repetition of the name” or “namasmarana” in India); or sang a cheerful, uplifting song to herself; or occupied her attention in some other constructive way; everything would have been all right.  But instead, she allows herself to start mulling over the distressing events of the day with a growing feeling of anxiety.  Because of this, the psychic entity is once again able to project into her mind and “feeling world” another sinister suggestion.  This time, because of the underlying disturbance in her feeling world, she loses control of her emotions and begins to vent her now growing hostility.  She starts ranting to herself about the “injustices” of life, accusing her friends of their cold-heartedness, and finds herself angrily thinking and feeling, “Well, thats that!  The next time I see Jody and Debbie I’ll give them a piece of my mind and see how they like it!  They’re not going to treat me like this and get away with it!”  Cathy does not realize it, but in losing her temper she has now caused herself to become wide open to dark astral forces which have temporally gotten control of her and which are now having a “feast.”  Naturally this is just what these discarnate human beings, and/or psychic thought-forms, wanted to do in the first place, because they are becoming more powerful as they absorb her misqualified energies of anger and resentment.


Thus, the next time Cathy sees Jody and Debbie, perhaps she does not say anything to them about her feelings, but she is moody, cold, and a little sarcastic to them.  Now the sinister force projects some thoughts into Jody and Debbie, and they start wondering what in the world has gotten into Cathy when they have always been so nice to her.  Soon the exact same process of “psychic-astral thought-projection” and emotional upset begins working into their feeling worlds and they begin to feel hurt and resentful towards Cathy.  So before long, the previous friendship that had been a great blessing to all three of them falls to pieces.  The irony of it all is that the whole misunderstanding was due to Debbie’s failure to wave to Cathy in the store simply because she could not see her because she was neither wearing her contact lens nor her eyeglasses.  In reality there had been only feelings of love, friendship, and mutual appreciation between all of them prior to the misunderstanding!


Now let us see what might have happened had Cathy applied the Arisen Master teachings in this same situation.  Let us say that we are back at the point where Cathy is in the store and she has just waved to Debbie at the opposite end of an aisle.  Debbie, who again is not wearing her contact lenses, is unable to see her and turning, walks the other way.  Then the same psychic thought as before is projected into Cathy in order to make her feel irritated with her friends.  But after a moment or two she begins to realize that the agitated thoughts and feelings she is now experiencing do not make her feel very good.  Then she also remembers that these kinds of thoughts and feelings are ones that are projected from the astral realm in order to disrupt human relationships.  She also knows that being inharmonious is not a very constructive way of using her creative powers.


Stopping for a moment, Cathy intunes to that quiet place within her heart area, and in a natural way that does not draw the attention of other shoppers, she silently makes the following call to her I AM Presence and the Ascended Host: “I AM the Presence of the Infinite I AM, showing me the truth of what is taking place here.  I AM the Presence of GOD changing this whole situation into a miracle of happiness.  And I AM the Presence of the Goddess of Light and Saint Germain coming forth, amplifying this call, and illumining our hearts and minds.”  Simply as a result of this one sincere call she is already noticing that she is feeling much better.  The dark sinister energy of growing resentment is now being replaced by the bright, happy, uplifting Light and serenity of our Loving and All-Wise Creator.  She has wisely handed over the situation to her I AM Presence and continues her shopping in peace.  And because Cathy chose to “make the call,” rather than get bogged down in self-pity and resentment, the Great Law now permits the same compassionate Lady Master to assist her in a greater way than was possible in the previous situation.  Using the Divine Light that the I AM Presence has poured into Cathy as a result of her call, this Great One arranges the perfect solution.  Thus, a few minutes later as Cathy is preoccupied with looking at her shopping list, she turns into the next aisle and almost bumps right into Debbie.  Debbie, who now sees Cathy for the first time, lets out an exclamation of joy, “Cathy!  Am I glad to see you!  I was thinking about dropping by your place tonight to say hello!  Guess what?  Jody has invited us both to go hiking with her on Saturday.  Do you want to come?”  Cathy now realizes that Debbie simply had not previously seen her, and gladly replies, “I would love to!”  And the two of them cheerfully begin making plans for the weekend.  How different is the ending of this scenario!  By realizing what was happening and taking the time to make a call to her I AM Presence and to our Ascended Sisters and Brothers, a potentially tragic misunderstanding was avoided and their friendship was able to deepen even more by delightfully planning an outing together.


A Divine Alternative


Pearl knew from applying the Teachings that if people everywhere understood these simple concepts and took the time to make the necessary calls to their own Atma – their own individualized I AM Presence – as well as to the Arisen Host, so much unnecessary pain and suffering could be avoided on our dear planet.  Families would experience far greater love, joy, and satisfying spiritual growth.  Marriages would be so much happier and more fulfilling.  Friendships would be more endearing.  Women and men would understand and appreciate each other so much more easily.  Businesses would be naturally and bountifully successful, as they happily seek to fulfill the divine needs of their customers and communities.  Work would be pleasant and satisfying.  The foolish and tragic misunderstandings and prejudices between the different races and religions would disappear.  Previously “opposed” political parties would realize that they all really want the same thing and thus begin working together to achieve constructive goals to bless their countries and all the earth.  Happy will be the day when everyone will begin to realize that the destructive energy released by our irritable, discordant emotions and thoughts is the very same force which literally propels into action all future violence, great or small, on the earth.  And of course the worst, long-term consequence of our uncontrolled feelings and thoughts are all the wars that have plagued this beautiful planet.  This insight concerning the true cause of wars will be explained in greater depth in a later chapter.



As we begin to understand these simple divine truths, we will gladly and gradually free ourselves from these foolish, self-destructive habits which the sinister force has enticed us into.  Then, with growing understanding, compassion, and forgiveness, we can begin pouring forth the divine purity, innocence, and sweet selflessness that will naturally flow from our awakening spiritual consciousness.  In this way, wars and violence of all kinds whether in the home, society, or at the international level, will ultimately be replaced by mutual cooperation and goodwill.  People will be content, and peace will reign supreme once again, just as it did in the two previous Golden Ages on our dear mother earth.  The only difference is that this coming Golden Age will be permanent!  Thus, never again will unkind feelings, thoughts, words, and their subsequent actions occur upon this divine planet.


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This is the end of this 2 Part Article on the "The Dangers of Thought-Forms".


I hope it was helpful and a blessing to you.  - Bill Gaum


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