The Star of the Heart


This is an allegory that illustrates how our heart can get hardened when we don't listen to it.  It was told to me by a young man who said that his father had shared it with him when he was a child, and how he never forgot it.


The Story


Within our hearts is a spinning star with sharp points.  Whenever we are untrue to our Higher Self it compassionately, but painfully pricks our heart with one of its points.  This is to let us know that we're doing something wrong whenever we're lying, stealing, or hurting someone.  If we change our ways for the better, the points of the stars stay sharp and helpful.  But if we ignore the warning and persist in doing wrong things, then the points of the star gradually become duller and duller.  And unfortunately if we keep ignoring this crucial inner prompting, the points of the star eventually become so dull that we no longer feel them.  Sadly from this point on, we are no longer able to tell right from wrong.  So it's very important that we always listen to our hearts and be kind and good at all times.


*    *    *


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Star of the Heart


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