Spreading Kindness in Simple Ways


by Cheryl


I have been asked many times by people from all walks of life, "What is the best way of helping people?" Some people don’t have time to volunteer because of their busy schedules, nor do they have money to donate to special charities or organizations.   But they have kind hearts and want to do something.   So I tell them that the simplest way is to help the various people we meet each day by sharing our kind words and acts with them.


Sharing loving kindness is one of the most precious gifts of all, because it's a form of unconditional love.  Being kind, without expecting anything in return means we're living from our true Divine Self - because we are unselfishly giving from our heart, soul and spirit. In this way we can spread lightful energy to all those around us – as well as out into the rest of the world.  It's a simple, easy way to help make our world a better place for all.


How to Spread Loving Kindness to Others


For Example: Have you ever been in a coffee shop, standing in line waiting for a coffee or tea and looked around at who all is present in the room?  Can you feel what type of atmosphere is in the room or people's emotions?  Do you pick up on other people’s vibes? Are they in a hurry?  Are they frustrated, upset or indifferent and so on?  This is the time to start pouring forth loving kindness from your heart, soul and spirit:


1. Smile to the people in the line-up. And when it’s your turn smile at the person serving you.


2. Always use polite manners. Say please and thank-you while smiling. This can help others around you to feel your positive energy light force. Plus, it is always good to use proper manners when addressing someone or asking for something. By being polite and courteous you are setting good examples for others. Hopefully they will do the same.


3. While waiting for your coffee or tea, you might notice that the server may have a lovely hair-do or shirt or sweater or whatever.  Give them a simple, sincere compliment using a quiet, polite demeanor.  Don’t make a big deal about it and embarrass the server, just be kind and natural.


4. If two of you approach the entrance to the coffee shop at the same time, kindly hold the door open for the other person allowing them to enter first and go ahead of you in line. When inside sitting at a table give up your seat for someone else or share your table with them, a simple act of kindness that can mean so much to someone else.


These are all simple acts of loving kindness that go a long way in helping others. It doesn’t cost anything, yet it makes a world of difference to others. These acts of kindness and positive gestures can be done anywhere at any time.  For other examples: waiting in line at a grocery store or at community events or other public places.  Simply by taking a second to smile, to hold a door open for someone or to compliment them only takes a second or two yet can mean so much to them and by doing this it can help them to also spread loving kindness to others, the "ripple effect", a win-win scenario. If all of us did this every day we would be making our world a better place.


In summary, one of the secrets to spreading loving kindness in our world is to simply think, feel, speak and act kindly and sensitively every moment of the day with whoever we are encountering.


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