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Each of the world's great spiritual teachers: Jesus, the Buddha, Lord Krishna, and others, contributed something marvelous, special and unique to the spiritual awakening of humanity! It is as though each spiritual path is a different facet on a beautiful shining jewel of Divine Love, Wisdom and Goodness. Sometimes it's hard to see this oneness, because these different religions were given forth at different times, in different cultures, through different highly advanced spiritual masters in order to share the particular teachings that would be culturally and spiritually most helpful to those particular people at those particular times. So in order to help us see the oneness of these teachings we will focus only on the highest, purest teachings from each path. We will be leaving out those things that seem to be distortions that were introduced into these religions at later times by later people.


As you peruse the various articles in this "Spiritual Paths" section of the website, it may be helpful to think about how each of these great spiritual teachers needed to use the unique cultural expressions of their time and place, in order to teach ideas that were actually universal and transcendent.  It is helpful to see how these unique cultural expressions which were so useful in their own times, nowadays sometimes act as impediments to seeing their universal, transcendent qualities.  It may also help you to see that while universal spiritual truths are humanity's greatest friend and hope - it's a good idea to approach spirituality in a calm, balanced way, rather than becoming off-balance and fanatical.


While it is a blessing for each of us to worship GOD each in our own ways, it's also helpful to realize that we're all worshipping and adoring the very same GOD, and so it's a good thing to be tolerant and appreciative of these other forms of genuine spiritual worship.  It's also helpful to realize that Jesus, the Buddha, Saint Germain, Lord Krishna, Quan Yin the Goddess of Mercy (also spelled Kuan Yin or Guan Yin), the Goddess of Loving Charity, and so many other wonderful spiritual beings all have a deep brotherly/sisterly love for each other, as well as all of us, and are closely working together for the spiritual awakening of humanity.


And it's helpful to remember that while there are many wonderful spiritual paths - none of them are perfect - at least not yet.  So as you are studying a particular path it's always a good idea to "take the best, and leave the rest".  Always take to heart that which rings true for you in your heart and mind, and leave the things that don't.  That way each of us will gradually build up a very practical, usable spiritual path for ourselves that gives practical results and is a blessing to humanity.


Blessings on your Journey dear friends!


Here Are Some of the Paths That We Will Focus On:




Saint Germain's Path of Ascended Master's Teachings


The Ascended Master Saint Germain brought forth in the 1930's the "Ascended Master Teachings". He taught that all of us have lived hundreds of different lifetimes in which we've been gradually learning and acquiring the qualities of spiritual mastery including: compassion, mercy, loving kindness, selflessness, courage, wisdom, understanding, patience, etc; - and that the destiny of each and every human being is to someday become an Ascended Master or Ascended Lady Master like Jesus, the Buddha, Blessed Mary, Quan Yin (the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy); the Goddess of Wisdom, and so many others.




The Buddha's Path



The Buddha taught a simple, straightforward path to happiness and inner peace by letting go of selfish desires and attachments and by living a life of loving kindness, compassion and the ever-present awareness of the spiritual beauty within and around us.





Jesus's Path


Jesus of Nazareth taught us that the secret to happiness and steady spiritual progress is simply pouring love to GOD, while letting GOD's love and light pour out through us to all life as loving kindness, compassion, forgiveness, mercy and goodness in everything we think, feel, say and do.




Sathya Sai Baba's Path


Sathya Sai Baba started teaching the oneness of the world's religions in his tiny village in South India in the late 1930's. He was a living embodiment of kindness, goodness and helpfulness to others and gradually became the most popular spiritual teacher in all of India. Over his lifetime he created several free universities & schools, as well as free hospitals & medical centers.  Remarkably enough, Sai Baba spoke every known language on earth; seemed to know everything about everyone; and did the same miracles as Christ did 2000 years ago including, healing the sick, making the blind to see, the lame to walk, multiplying food to feed hundreds of people from a few small pots of food, and even raising the dead.  His book "The Sai Baba Gita" can be read for free in our website.




Native American



Native American Spiritual Paths embrace a heartfelt reverence for the Great Spirit, Mother Earth and the Wisdom of their Elders.



Krishna's Path


Lord Krishna taught us how to integrate the triple paths of yoga: the path of devotion to GOD; the path of selfless service to others; and the path of deep introspection or spiritual self-inquiry. He also taught us to realize that whenever we do anything good, it is really GOD doing it through us and that all credit for the good that we do, really goes to GOD. Therefore, dedicate everything we do to GOD and do the best we can while working sincerely from our hearts.




Hinduism is an "umbrella term" for an extremely complex group of independent, but closely inter-related spiritual paths. There are many saints, yogis and teachings with deep spiritual insights which have come out of India.





The Baha'i path tends to be more universal and inclusive than most "orthodox" paths, and has a lot of constructive, helpful teachings, including those on gender and racial equality.




Science & Spirituality


Science & Spirituality often seem to be in conflict, but they don't need to be.  Science studies how GOD's Laws manifest at the physical level. So science is all about the "outer world". Spirituality studies how GOD's Laws manifest within our hearts and minds. So spirituality is all about the "inner world". These two different, but equally important and valid approaches to understanding GOD's Laws can easily and naturally be harmonized with each other.




Saints & Sages


The Saints & Sages section will focus on the lives of various inspiring women and men from East and West who were so kind and pure hearted and led such spiritually inspiring lives of one sort or another that they changed the hearts of fellow human beings in significant ways.




How Do Religions Become

Distorted from their Original Purity?


How Do Religions Become Distorted?:  Have you ever wondered how the teachings of various religions have become so distorted from the original simple pure teachings of Jesus, the Buddha, Krishna, etc?  It's fascinating and very helpful to understand!




Eventually, additional sections

will be added in the following areas:







So Where To Begin?


As usual, just follow your heart, and click on whatever topics interest you the most, and then when you get a chance, come back and read the others later.  (On the upper left of these pages you will find a menu specific to these topics.)  You may be surprised at not only how similar the teachings of the Buddha, Jesus, Krishna, Sathya Sai Baba, and Saint Germain actually are, but also how each of these paths has something special to offer to add to humanity's spiritual completeness!


    Happy Awakening to the Oneness of these Various Spiritual Paths of our Mother-Father GOD's Love!


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