Carried Away By Singing Angels


by S. Shaw


My mother-in-law lay in her hospital bed - close to death. We all gathered to be with her in the end. My sister-in-law sat near mom's head, sweetly singing hymns to her - encouraging her to have the peace to go. Suddenly, a sound of singing filled the room. It sounded like the familiar hymns we had been listening to. We all began to cry, yet not really cry . . .  You could hear the sound of angel wings, filling the room. The nurse even came in to see what the noise was about. She began to cry also. Then you could feel them lifting mom and taking her. We were all praising God by then.  In song and spirit.  Soon the sound abated and we were left with wonder. We knew mom was gone. The shell of her remained, but somehow we couldn't really mourn for her. Why, she had just got escorted to heaven gloriously! How could we be sad for that!


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