Self-Realization Prayer


This is a prayer that I created to help remind me about how simple the concept of Self-Realization really is. In the prayer, the terms "Mother-Father GOD"; "Beloved I AM Presence"; "Infinite Atma"; and "Infinite Creator, Great I AM"; all refer to GOD or aspects of GOD, and are used interchangeably.  Please feel free to substitute your own names for our Mother-Father GOD. It's the feeling that the prayer inspires that I find helpful.  I hope you find this prayer helpful, too.


- Bill Gaum (co-creator of this website:



Self-Realization Prayer


Dear Heavenly Mother-Father GOD,

Whenever I AM loving and kind,

it is really You,

pouring Your Love through

this part of Yourself which I AM,

to bless other parts of Yourself.


Oh Beloved I AM Presence,

Whenever I AM wise and have an understanding heart,

It is really You,

expanding Your Divine Mind,

through this facet of Your Being which I AM,

to bless other facets of Your Being.


Oh Infinite Atma,

Whenever I AM serenely courageous,

and go forward to do what I know is right.

It is really You,

moving Your Power through this aspect of Yourself which I AM,

to bless other aspects of Yourself.


Oh Infinite Creator, Great I AM,

Whenever I AM loving, wise, and helpful,

I AM Your Love, Your Wisdom, Your Power in action.

I AM simply an outpouring of You!

And when I become perfectly pure and selfless,

I will be a perfect outpouring of You.

I will then continually experience that

I AM You and You are Me,

And We are One.


Oh Beloved Mother-Father GOD,

Thank You for expanding through Me,

This growing awareness of Self-Realization!

I AM now awakening to the full realization that

You are my True Self!

I AM You and You are Me,

We are One.

Thank You, Thank You, Thank You.


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A Helpful Self-Realization Self-Diagnostic Manual


"Roadmaps To Self-Realization", by Jack Hawley.  Jack has turned the teachings of the Bhagavad-Gita into a spiritual self-diagnostic manual using only the words of Krishna.  Readers of all levels can use the 65 different worksheets to easily assess where they are on the road to Self-Mastery and Self-Realization, as well as determine areas of their lives where they need to focus their spiritual practices.  (You can read the whole book and use all the worksheets for free here in this website.)


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Over time I will be adding more prayers in this prayer section.  It takes a while to create a website like this!  I pray that your prayer life will be deeply rewarding.  - Bill


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