The essence of the Ascended Master Teachings is all about Self-Mastery.  It is actually quite a vast subject and we will try to address some of the most important aspects of it here.


The following is an excerpt on Self-Mastery from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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and the Ascension


Of all the teachings of the Arisen Host, the one that gave Pearl the greatest hope was the reality of the “Ascension.”  The Great Ones assure us that as we apply their teachings, in a step by step manner, we will steadily increase in mastery, and ultimately we will attain Liberation through the Ascension.


What is the Ascension and why is self-mastery necessary?  Pearl knew that our I AM Presence pours through us only as much Light as we can reasonably handle.  She was also aware that as we start qualifying this Light in a more responsible way, it is now safer for our I AM Presence to begin increasing the volume and power of the Light streaming through us.  And steadily, month by month, as we gradually become more spiritually responsible, our I AM Presence progressively increases this activity.  At first we notice it as a feeling of peacefulness growing within our heart area.  But eventually it may get to a point where we can actually feel a gentle, subtle energy flowing through us.


Pearl also learned, that as this Holy Light continues to increase within us, it likewise expands the activity of Divine Mind.  For example, we may be reading a book of Ascended Master discourses or other reliable spiritual teachings and come across a passage that previously we did not understand.  But now, in the most natural way, the meaning of it begins to dawn on us.  We think to ourselves, “Oh, now I see what Saint Germain means by that.”  In this ordinary manner, and through the everyday experiences life provides for us, we continually deepen our spiritual understanding and acquire much needed wisdom and discernment.  And as this activity of divine understanding continues to expand, we begin to see that Moses, the Buddha, Quan Yin (Kuan Yin), Krishna, Jesus, Blessed Mary, Mohammed, Saint Germain, Anandamayi Ma (an incredible woman saint of 20th century India), Sathya Sai Baba and the great Master Teachers of all ages were all really saying the same thing.  Their messages had only appeared different, because they wisely spread this one truth in the unique way that was divinely appropriate for the particular culture and time period in which they were teaching.  Wisdom prompted them to use the language, stories, and symbols that were most acceptable for that particular region of the earth at that unique time in our planet’s history.  Of course these teachings would appear to vary somewhat between different regions, cultures, peoples, and times.  But as the awareness of Divine Mind expands within us, we are now able to go to the spiritual heart of the world’s religions and to our amazement and delight discover that they all share the same basic divine truths.


Also, Pearl observed, that as this latent spiritual understanding continues to awaken and increase within us, we begin to more clearly know the Oneness of all Life.  We begin to see that it is actually our Divine Mother-Father, the Infinite I AM, who is the real Doer of all the good that is accomplished through any of us.  Thus, gradually awakening to this Reality, we happily grow in Self-confidence with renewed faith, hope, and enthusiasm.




Our Ascended Friends explain that the ultimate goal we are striving to attain is the natural, relaxed, pure-hearted, blissful state of complete self-mastery.  This is the same goal which Jesus taught us two-thousand years ago when he said, “Be ye perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.”  (New Testament, Matthew 5:48, KJV).  It is a gradual process as we approach closer and closer to this goal, and it requires sincerity and harmony of feeling, thought, word, and deed.  And yet, as we all know, this is not always easy.  But fortunately, for the first time in the history of this planet, we are now being given, not only the teachings of the Arisen Host and Sathya Sai Baba, including the full knowledge of Our I AM Presence–Atma and the use of powerful divine tools, but we are also being given unprecedented Divine Assistance which is now pouring into us from Sai Baba, the Ascended Masters, Great Cosmic Beings and the Angelic Host!


All this “extra assistance” is because our planet is beginning to enter the Permanent Golden Age.  Thus, achieving mastery is easier now than it has ever been at any time during that last few thousand years.  Nevertheless, our Elder Sisters and Brothers tell us that achieving self-mastery will still require dedicated, sincere application of their teachings and unrelenting self-effort.  This is not surprising when we consider that this achievement is the culmination of the effort of hundreds, sometimes thousands of lifetimes.  And Pearl assured us that this process of self-mastery is the true path that all Master Teachers have exemplified.  This is the same “road” which Jesus referred to when he said, “Small is the gate and narrow the road that leads to Life, and only a few find it.”  (Matthew 7:14, NIV)  Fortunately, because we are entering the New Golden Age, it is not as hard to find this path as it was in ages past.


What are Some of the Qualities of Self-Mastery?


And how does self-mastery lead to the Ascension?  One thing mastery means, is that no matter what difficulties or challenges occur in our lives, we stay courageously serene, kind, and humble at all times, always solving life’s apparent problems in a loving, divine way.  For example, if someone comes up to us and angrily accuses us of something we did not do, we remain calm and unassuming, and gently resolve the misunderstanding with love and wisdom.  This is the same as Jesus’ statement, “I tell you: love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you, that you may be sons [and daughters] of your Father[-Mother] in heaven.”  (Matthew 5:44.)  Or perhaps there has been a bad accident, fire, or earthquake - in that case we would stay composed and levelheaded, and courageously begin to help those in need.  Or maybe someone comes up to us and says “Oh, you are so wonderful, you’ve helped me so much.”  Instead of feeling all puffed up about it, we would silently and humbly pass the compliment on to our Higher Self, the I AM Presence, knowing It to be the real Doer and Source of any good that has come through any of us.


So How Do We Attain This Self-Mastery?


Our Ascended Sisters and Brothers, who have already successfully achieved this goal, encourage us to use a multi-faceted approach which includes affirmations, visualizations, prayer, meditation, loving kindness, sincere effort, and anything else that helps.  And as has been mentioned, they always stress that no one becomes a master overnight.  Even they did not become Masters instantly.  It is a gradual and continuous process of making our calls, visualizing the perfection we desire, exerting the required effort, and patiently learning from our mistakes, as well as our successes.  And when we make mistakes - and all of us will make plenty - the Great Ones urge us to just cheerfully pick ourselves back up and go forward to try again.  They stress, that even though we may stumble and fall, our Mother-Father GOD never condemns us, but is always there to say, “Arise my child and try again.”  Pearl was also greatly encouraged when the teachings explained that we can never fail!  In other words, no matter how many times we fall short of our spiritual expectations, we will always have another chance to succeed.  And we can keep on trying until finally we become so pure in heart, and release enough love as we selflessly serve humanity, that we can Ascend by merging into our Highest Eternal Self, our own I AM Presence – the Atma – above us.  After our Ascension we forever live in the indescribable bliss and beauty of the Ascended Realms as Arisen Beings of perfect divine love, wisdom, and power.


Could There Possibly Be A Greater Goal

Than Ascending in This Embodiment?


Believe it or not there is.  It is becoming a perfect Master prior to our Ascensions, just as Jesus, Saint Germain, Beloved Mary, and Quan Yin did.  If we achieve this, then when it comes time to make our Ascensions, we would Ascend to become an Arisen Master, instead of "just" an Arisen Being.  The Great Ones explain that just because we have become Ascended Beings does not necessarily mean that we have instantly become Ascended Masters.  All Arisen Beings will ultimately become Arisen Masters or Lady Masters, but they will achieve this exalted state of attainment by continually moving towards it while blissfully serving in the Ascended Realms.  Yet, it is also possible to Ascend and instantly become an Ascended Master -  Godfre Ray King did it.  And those students of the Arisen Master teachings who sincerely dedicate the entire remaining portion of their lives to attaining mastery can also achieve it.  All we have to do is make the required effort.  This means achieving perfect purity of feeling, thought, word, and deed while living a life of selfless service to humanity.


What Does It Mean To Grow Towards "Perfect Mastery"?


When we finally reach the stage where we are courageously serene, kind, and humble, regardless of what may be happening around or to us, then we have reached the point where we are above the temptation to misuse power.  This is a huge accomplishment!!!  Pearl discovered that having worries or doubts, or getting angry and upset, or feeling egotistical are all various forms of misusing power.  Once we have reached the point where we have purified ourselves of these lower qualities, and thus are above the temptation to misuse power, there is no longer any reason for our I AM Presence not to pour its full power through us.  As this enormous divine energy, love, and wisdom begins flowing through us, we will now be able to do similar miracles as the great saints and saviors have done.  We will be able to heal the sick instantly, or multiply the loaves of bread, or even raise the dead just like Jesus did two thousand years ago; and like Sathya Sai Baba did in 20th Century India.  What had previously seemed to be “miraculous” to us will become simply a natural manifestation of divine power.  This is precisely why the great master teachers have come to us throughout the ages: to show us that we, too, can become as they are.  That is why Jesus said, for those who apply his teachings to their utmost, “the works that I do shall he do also; and greater works than these shall he do.”  (John 14:12, KJV).  The tremendous service that such a one can humbly render to humanity is beyond description.  And of course, once Ascended, their reward will be very great indeed.



Of course, it is important to realize that this steadily increasing flow of divine power through us, is a gradual process that will unfold naturally as the years go by.  The gentler, purer, kinder, and friendlier we become, the more Light will pour through us.  And eventually we will reach a sufficient level of spiritual purity for the miraculous to become commonplace.  But, in order for our attention to be focused in the highest direction, Sathya Sai Baba urges us not to seek miraculous powers, but rather to focus on spiritual sincerity.


This new insight of the increasing flow of light through us, as well as the promise that each and everyone of us will some day earn the Ascension, filled Pearl with a deep feeling of hope and peace unlike anything else she had ever learned.  And the understanding that we can achieve this transcendent, happy, freedom in this embodiment, through our own self-effort, filled her with much gratitude.  Since the quality of determination was so strong and ever present in her nature, the more she learned about the teachings of the Arisen Host, the more enthusiastically she implemented them in her life.  This did not mean that challenges were not a part of her world.  And, naturally, there were times when things were very difficult.  Yet, bit by bit, by applying these Laws, she was happily growing in the masterful qualities of selfless love, humble wisdom, and calm courage.  We can!


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