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Here we will examine the lives of inspiring women and men who were so kind and pure hearted and led such spiritually inspiring lives of one sort or another that they changed the hearts of fellow human beings in significant ways.  Please click on whatever names below your heart pulls you too, to learn about these great saints.  (To learn about those great souls who rendered unusually inspiring selfless service to humanity, but who aren't usually considered "saints" because they didn't work within a specific spiritual path, please click here: "Heroes of Integrity".)


This is the first saint that I've created an article for:


Sri Aurobindo


Below are some of the saints that I hope to create articles for in the near future:


Anandamayi Ma -  a much beloved woman saint of modern India


Saint Francis of Assisi


Saint Clare of Assisi


Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa




Mata Amritanandamayi: "Amma" or "Ammachi"


Ramana Maharishi


Mother Theresa


Paramahansa Yogananda


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