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Godfre Ray King

Meets Saint Germain

on Mount Shasta


The Ascended Master Saint Germain is the Lord of the Seventh Ray.  We first learned about his work of helping humanity through the books of Godfre Ray King.  In his book, Unveiled Mysteries, Godfre explains how Saint Germain came to him upon on the slopes of Mount Shasta, California in August of 1930.  And how Saint Germain appeared to him every few days on the mountain and instructed him in the Laws of Life.  Saint Germain also assisted him in temporarily leaving his physical body behind and moving forth in a Higher Body provided by Saint Germain in order to show him the Akashic Records of various former civilizations on the earth.  Plus, in his book, "The Magic Presence", Godfre explains how he met Saint Germain in various Ascended Master Retreats around the world.  These true stories are incredibly interesting , enlightening and inspiring, and I urge everyone to read them.  And in 1935, under the direction of the Master Saint Germain, Godfre and his wife, Lotus, created the Saint Germain Foundation, which shared the teachings of the Ascended Masters with the world.


Saint Germain as the "Lord of the Seventh Ray"


Now, to learn more about what it means to say that the Ascended Master Saint Germain is the "Lord of the Seventh Ray", please read the following.


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The following is an excerpt on this subject from a spiritual biography that I'm writing about my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  I hope you find it helpful and inspiring. - Bill Gaum


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Saint Germain: The Lord of

the Seventh Ray


People would sometimes ask Pearl, “What is the ‘Violet’ Ray?  Why is it called the ‘Seventh’ Ray?  And what does it mean to say that Saint Germain is the ‘Master,’ ‘Chohan,’ or ‘Lord,’ of the Seventh or Violet Ray?”


As one studies nature we find the “pattern of seven” appearing over and over again.  It turns out that just as there are seven colors in the rainbow – the seventh color being violet; there are also seven unique major notes in the musical scale; and seven different basic crystal structures, or “classes,” in mineralogy.  Pearl mentioned that the Great Ones have even inspired us to have seven days of the week.  Why?  As we study the teachings of our Arisen Friends we discover that at the spiritual level the whole Universe is built upon Seven Rays of Light which represent seven basic divine building blocks corresponding to seven sacred energies or spiritual principles.  In fact, Pearl explained that one of GOD’s most important creations – we human beings – have bodies, which have seven centers or “chakras” of spiritual energy, located one above the other, aligned along our spines.  And as has been mentioned, one of these corresponds to our heart (our "heart chakra") and some others correspond to our principle endocrine glands.  This is because being divinely created, we embody the universal principle “as above, so below.”


Each of these Seven Rays corresponds with a particular color, musical note, and spiritual quality.  And just as a great composer is able to compose a beautiful symphony built upon only seven different major notes blended together in harmonious chords, patterns and melodies, which are then played through the different instruments of the orchestra, similarly, the Seven Creators - those seven great Ascended Masters known as the “Seven Elohim,” - have built this entire universe upon the harmonious and balanced blending of the seven spiritual rays or energies.  Albert Einstein demonstrated with his famous equation: E = (Matter) X (the speed of Light - squared), which shows that energy and matter are interchangeable, that even at the physical vibratory level, the seemingly “solid” “physical” universe we see around us is actually made up of countless particles of energy.  And, as we now know, since energy is both light and sound, if we could listen into the Arisen Octave we would hear the universe as one vast symphony of Music – the “Music of the Spheres.”  Pearl taught us that these Seven Mighty Rays pour forth through the Seven Elohim, who are the outpouring of the Infinite I AM to our universe.  After this Light is released into our universe through these Seven Divine Beings, it is distributed to its various levels of use through a Great Hierarchy of Ascended Masters and Lady Masters – including some who are known as Gods or Goddesses.  Each of these Beings has their own special divine responsibility in the distribution, expansion, and use of this divine energy.  The Ascended Master Hilarion explains it this way:


You see, the Universe is a Great Hierarchy.  Just as on Earth you have countries, states, counties, districts, and neighborhoods, all administered by their corresponding governments, assemblies, commissions, councils, and associations, so too, on all levels of GOD’s Creation are there similar governing bodies for the control and distribution of Infinite supply, the Limitless Light which is everywhere, and which is made manifest as needed and Called Forth . . . 17


And in this transcendent Cosmic Hierarchy, the “Seven Chohans of the Rays” represent to our planet what the Seven Mighty Elohim are to our entire Universe.  Just as electrical transformers on a power pole “step down” the high voltage electricity coming from the power generating station to a level which our homes can safely utilize, these Chohans of the Rays, step down the intense spiritual energies pouring from the Seven Mighty Elohim to levels which the earth and humanity can safely handle – again, “as above, so below.”  Naturally, since each of the Elohim represents a unique Ray with a specific spiritual quality and energy, each of the corresponding Chohans do likewise.


The Divine Qualities of the Violet Ray


What particular qualities does Saint Germain embody?  Pearl explained that as the “Chohan” or “Master” or “Lord” of the “Seventh” or “Violet Ray,” Saint Germain represents to the Earth three related principles: “divine freedom”, the “beneficial use of divine power”,* and "the activity of forgiveness".  Divine “freedom” is necessary, because before we can be entrusted with the use of the transcendent power of the Violet Ray, we must first become free from all selfish habits and desires.  Otherwise we would do more harm than good.  This is why the quality of divine freedom is such an imperative one.  As has been explained, humanity is currently in bondage to fear and doubt, and all the selfish human desires that these two enemies of spiritual consciousness spawn.  So, we have literally been slaves to intellectual pride, self-pity, self-justification, arrogance, greed, anger, hatred, revenge, and many other self-destructive habits.  Pearl taught us that it is only as we purify ourselves from these limiting human attachments that we can begin to awaken into becoming a blissful outpouring of the love, wisdom, and power of the Ascended Host.


Consequently, as “Chohan,” or “Lord,” of the Violet Ray to our planet, it is Saint Germain’s responsibility to turn our attention back to the need of disciplining ourselves so that we can rise up out of our own self-created slavery and into the freedom, bliss, and victory of self-mastery and the Ascension.  This is one of the main reasons why he has brought forth the fullness of the Ascended Master Teachings at this time.  And as Pearl would often point out - since we have freewill, this crucial self-discipline which is required to attain our freedom can not be forced upon us.  Rather we must willingly and joyfully choose to apply these transcendent Divine Laws for our own freedom as well as that of our planet.  It is the only way out of the pain and suffering we have created for ourselves.


The Violet Ray also represents the “beneficial” or “right” use of power.  Whether in the divine sense or in the human sense, “power” represents the energy and ability to achieve a desired goal.  Of course one of the principal uses of power on this planet is that kind which has been exercised by governments.  This has also been one of the chief areas in which power has been abused.  And unfortunately when a government misuses its power its consequences are enormous because of the large populations affected by it.  Being the Master of the Seventh Ray, it has been principally Saint Germain’s responsibility to gradually bring mercy, kindness, justice, democracy, and freedom, out of the whirling chaos of deception, totalitarian governments, and international aggression which we in our ignorance have made possible for so many centuries.  This responsibility is so enormous it staggers the imagination.  Nevertheless, Sai Baba and our Arisen Sisters and Brothers, who are also working to achieve these same ends, assure us that it will be done!  It is also the reason that Saint Germain has been so closely associated with the creation, and activity of governments throughout history, especially the establishment of democracy during the early stages of the United States of America.  It is no wonder that his Twin Ray is none other than the Goddess of Justice!18   In fact, speaking of the Goddess of Justice, Saint Germain explains that she earned her Ascension long ages ago, and has been helping humanity in undreamed of ways.


Sometimes people, who have little grasp of the actual forces at work behind the world’s problems find it easy to criticize Saint Germain, the Goddess of Justice, the Goddess of Liberty, and others of the Ascended Host, as well as Sai Baba, for not obtaining quicker, more dramatic results.  But, as Pearl pointed out, these individuals forget four important points:


· We are the ones who have caused the problems – not them;


· Most of us are still making things worse, rather than better, because we refuse to govern our own discordant emotions; and lastly, but not least;


· There's a huge battle currently being fought for the control of this planet between the Forces of Good and evil.


· Without the help of the Great Ones, our earth and all humanity would have already been destroyed;


Saint Germain has also brought us the transcendent gift of the Violet Transmuting Flame of Divine Forgiveness.  To learn more about this marvelous soothing healing divine flame, which uses the power of forgiveness to undo our karmic mistakes, please click here: The Violet Consuming Flame of Divine Forgiveness.


Saint Germain: The Directing Master for the Incoming Golden Age


The Ascended Ones explain that this planet has been through six great and mighty civilizations.19  (Some of these have been in non-physical realms that are also a part of this earth.) Each reached transcendent heights both spiritually and materially as a result of a sufficient portion of the population staying in tune to their own inner Divine Source.  And each of these civilizations eventually fell from these heights as a result of their people wandering away from spiritual principles, values and practices.  Gradually they became entrenched in selfish human actions and activities.  As has been mentioned, eventually these civilizations either destroyed themselves through warfare, or they were destroyed by cataclysmic action by the breaking up and sinking of the very continents upon which they stood.  Most of these former civilizations were so completely destroyed that with the passing of time most traces of them have been erased from the earth’s surface.


The Ascended Ones have informed humanity that we are now coming into the seventh, final, and spiritually victorious civilization on this planet.  This time we will succeed permanently!  Once this planet comes into the Permanent Golden Age never again will its humanity return to the destructive human activities of the past.  This planet and those human beings who are permitted to re-embody here will evolve into a new spiritual consciousness and eventually all of its population and the very planet itself will Ascend into a new vibration and dimension.  Thus, there will be a “new heaven and a new earth,” (Revelations 21:1 NIV).


And because Saint Germain is the Lord of the Seventh Ray it is his responsibility to be the Directing Ascended Master of this incoming Golden Age.  Saint Germain refers to this during the June 24th, 1940 discourse given to Bob via the Letters of Light which was quoted earlier:


At the turn of the century, We in the Arisen state, those of Us who have had to deal mostly with mankind in their comings and goings upon this world, observing the great Cosmic Law in action and seeing that the days of this planet were numbered unless Peace could come for the planet, determined upon releasing the fullness of Our Understanding to the humanity of Earth, which same Understanding released would enable those whose Light was great enough to grasp the Scepter of Dominion and be free.  Due to the position, which I maintained as a humble Messenger of GOD upon the Seventh Ray to this Earth, it fell to My lot to be the Directing Master for the incoming Golden Age.  This Golden Age I am to direct from the Arisen state, even though there may be many assisting who are yet unarisen . . .


 . . . Thus the great wheel turns and Progress, Light, and Love move onward, constantly expanding.  You will see in time the great wisdom, which has directed this entire activity, for there is no one who can doubt the truth of this Instruction in their Hearts.20 


Thus, as we come into the New Golden Age, Saint Germain, along with Jesus, and their Arisen Sisters and Brothers, will be able to rule this world from the Ascended Octave of Light – with love, peace, and purity being the keynotes of our planet’s existence.  And to ensure that this transition into the Golden Age occurs as smoothly as possible, Sathya Sai Baba, will return once again in physical embodiment.  This will be the last of the three “Sai Incarnations,” and this time he will be known as “Prema Sai.”  At this time he will initiate the world into the fullness of divine love, and the reality that we are One with GOD.  And after this last embodiment is completed and he is no longer in the physical form, he will as always, continue to pour his Love and Blessings through the Ascended Host not only on this planet, but also throughout the entire universe.


It is no wonder that Pearl loved them all so dearly.  She explained that we owe them all a great debt of gratitude.  And this debt can only be repaid, as each one of us opens our hearts in loving, grateful devotion to our Mother-Father GOD and becomes a selfless outpouring of GOD’s Love in action to everyone everywhere.


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