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The kind, caring, compassionate Ascended Master Saint Germain explains that the destiny of every human being is to eventually, (after many lifetimes), become an Ascended Master like himself, Jesus, the Buddha, Quan Yin (also Kuan Yin or Guan Yin) - the Goddess of Mercy, Blessed Mary, the Goddess of Wisdom, and so many, many more!  And he lovingly shares amazing Universal Laws with us which we can apply in a natural, normal gradual way, that step by step brings us closer and closer to being master of our own lives. And eventually, once we become kind enough and unselfish enough, then we can graduate, and at the end of that particular lifetime as we leave our physical bodies behind, we merge our Inner Light Bodies into our Higher Self and become exquisitely beautiful Eternal Beings of Pure Light and Love - Ascended Beings!


What Are the Principle Teachings

of the Ascended Masters?




We Are Divine

Children of GOD

And our Divine Destiny is to become an Ascended Master like Jesus, the Buddha, Blessed Mary, Quan Yin, the Goddess of Loving Charity, and so many others.





Reincarnation is Real


We have lived many hundreds of lives, simply because one lifetime is not long enough to develop all the divine qualities we need - the qualities of loving kindness, compassion, goodness, selflessness, humbleness, courage, endurance, patience, determination, goodwill, and so on.



We Each Have a Divine Higher Self


Each one of us has a Higher Self which is made in the image and likeness of GOD, and which is holy, pure and perfect - always has been and always will be.   Different spiritual paths call this Higher Self by different names: the Ascended Masters usually call it the "I AM Presence", the Magic Presence, or the Christ Self; in New Age circles it is usually just called the Higher Self; in India it is called the Atma; Christians might refer to it as our "Eternal Self"; and in some Mahayana Buddhist paths it is called the Tathagata-Garbha or the Luminous Mind.  Our Higher Self is continually pouring an exquisitely beautiful living stream of love and light into us. Christians usually refer to this river of Light and Love as the inflow of the "Holy Spirit".  Hindus refer to this stream of living Light as "Shakti" or sometimes as "Pranic Energy", (although prana is more commonly associated with the spiritual energy of the breath).




We Each Naturally Have Divine Creative Powers


GOD's Love and Light is continually pouring into us through our Higher Selves, and  is transformed by our thoughts, feelings and imaginations into whatever we were thinking, feeling and imagining. In fact, we can consciously harness this wonderful divine creative process by using "Affirmations, Calls and Decrees"!  This transformation happens in the subtle realms first, and thus may not be noticeable, but if we affirm and visualize our Divine Intentions sincerely enough and long enough, and it's the Divine Plan for it to be fulfilled, it will eventually manifest for us.



We Can Transform Ourselves


We can enhance our creative powers and our awareness of GOD's gentle Presence within our hearts while gradually transforming ourselves into kind, caring, selfless, awakened individuals through the daily sincere use of the following: Affirmations, Prayer, Visualization, Meditation, Faith, Kindness, Caring, Devotion, the Violet Flame, the Tube of Light, and Selfless Service to those in need, while sincerely applying additional aspects of the Ascended Master teachings, including the necessity of self-control and spiritual self-discipline.



It is Our Divine Destiny to Become

an Ascended Master Like Jesus, Mary, Saint Germain,

Quan Yin, the Buddha, etc.


Eventually once we become kind, humble, courageous, determined, self-disciplined, generous, selfless and masterful enough we will Ascend to become exquisitely beautiful Ascended Masters and Lady Masters.  Once we are Ascended we will work under the direction of highly evolved Ascended Masters such as Jesus, the Buddha, Quan Yin (also spelled Guan Yin or Kuan Yin), Blessed Mary,  Saint Germain, and many, many others, as well as working with the Angels and Archangels, while helping those children of earth who are still un-Ascended.



We Each Have an Eternal Divine True Love:

Our Beloved Twin Ray!


The Great Ones also teach that each of us originally came forth from the Heart of GOD as a pair of Twin Light Rays or Twin Souls. One was principally masculine and the other was principally feminine. The masculine one will eventually become a masculine Ascended Master, whereas the feminine one will eventually become a feminine Ascended Master (often referred to as an "Ascended Lady Master"). These two beings are the other half of each other and will be reunited in love eternally once both are Ascended. It is the "marriage made in heaven" and the love that each ray has for its twin is unimaginably pure, devoted, kind, affectionate, loyal and exquisitely tender and blissful. Each Ascended Twin Ray of a Twin Ray pair is completely in love with the other and just adores the other.  Once Ascended they will blissfully be together for all eternity, and since both are absolutely perfect in every way they can never tire of each other or wish to be with someone else.



A New Age of Universal Kindness

and Peace is Coming


This planet will soon be entering the new Golden Age of Loving Kindness, goodness and bliss.  This Golden Age has been  foretold by most of the world's religions.  The exact timing of the transition has not been revealed and to some degree it seems to be up to us.  And the more of humanity that are kind, caring and filled with light and love, the easier this transition will be.



The Origin of the Ascended Master Teachings

in the 20th Century


Different Ascended Masters are in charge of bringing the human race into the next level of consciousness at different times in Earth's history.  Over the last 2,000 years Jesus has had this enormous responsibility.  It is now the Ascended Master Saint Germain's turn to lead the combined Heavenly effort of bringing humanity into the coming Golden Age of universal peace, goodness and loving kindness.  Jesus of course will be continuing to help Saint Germain and humanity very closely from Cosmic Levels.


In the early 1930s the Great Ascended Master Saint Germain  appeared to one of his inner students, Godfre Ray King, on the slopes of Mount Shasta in Northern California.  There he began to teach him the Ascended Master Teachings that Godfre would soon share with so many others.  These teachings and Godfre's amazing real life experiences with the Ascended Masters can be read about in the books entitled "Unveiled Mysteries", "The Magic Presence" and "The 'I AM' Discourses".  Further teachings are given by various Ascended Masters in the other books of the Ascended Master series as published by the Saint Germain Press, which is a part of the Saint Germain Foundation.  Additional discourses were later given to humanity as the "Step By Step" Books and "I AM the Open Door".


(Note: The Ascended Master Teachings found within this website are based mainly on the teachings from the above mentioned books, as well as the clarification of those teachings as given to me by my spiritual teacher, Pearl Dorris.  She was a direct student of Godfre Ray King, and later a direct "inner" student of Saint Germain.  I'm currently writing a spiritual biography about Pearl, and have included relevant excerpts from it in many of the pages of this website.  I hope you find them useful and inspiring.)



Ready to Begin Exploring

the Ascended Master Teachings?



Please click on the links below.  Happy reading and blessings on your remarkable journey of Self-Discovery and Self-Mastery - culminating with the Victory of Ascending to become an Eternally Blissful Ascended Being of Pure Light and Loving Kindness!




Ascended Masters


The Ascended Masters: Every religion or spiritual path describes exalted spiritual beings who were once human, but who through conscious self-mastery and selfless service to humanity, earned the right to permanently enter transcendent spiritual realms of great bliss and beauty.  Different  spiritual traditions call them by different names: such as Ascended Masters; Celestial Buddhas & Celestial Bodhisattvas; Gods & Goddesses; Masters of Light, the Immortal Ones, Cosmic Beings; the Great Ones, and so on.  Learn how these Great Ones are constantly helping us.





The Ascended Master

 Saint Germain


The Ascended Master Saint Germain is the compassionate, loving Ascended Master who has charge of bringing this planet into the coming Golden Age.  Learn about him and how to help him succeed with this incredibly difficult task.




Godfre Ray King


Godfre Ray King was Saint Germain's top student in the 1930's who shared with the world his amazing experiences with the Ascended Masters as well as their extremely helpful spiritual teachings.  Find out how he met Saint Germain.





The I AM Presence


The I AM Presence: It's crucial to learn that we all have a Higher Self that is absolutely perfect, which guides us every day and into which we will merge when we Ascend at the end of our last lifetime. Our I AM Presence is also known as our Higher Self, the Christ-Self, the Atma, the Tathagata-Garbha, and so on).






Self-Mastery: The Secret of Becoming a Master: The essence of the Ascended Master Teachings is all about Self-Mastery.  It is actually quite a vast subject and we will try to address some of the most important aspects of it here.




The Ascension


The Ascension (also known as Liberation, Moksha, Mukti, Nirvana, Graduation, and so on) is the Divine Goal of all of our 100's of lifetimes.  It is when we forever leave the earth behind to become blissful, beautiful, eternally youthful Ascended Masters of Light & Love.  And once Ascended we will take our rightful place helping humanity under the direction of Jesus, the Buddha, Guan Yin, Blessed Mary, Saint Germain, and other Ascended Cosmic Beings.




Saint Germain's Light Meditation


Saint Germain's Light Meditation is a simple and effective "Light Meditation" that leaves us feeling refreshed and uplifted.





The "Word": "I AM"


The Sacred & Magical "Word":  "I AM" - Find out why the words "I AM" are so crucial to our conscious spiritual growth and why they are going to be so useful to us in the coming Golden Age.



Affirmations & Visualizations


Affirmations, Visualizations, Decrees, and Making the "Call":  This is a marvelously helpful way to gradually transform our lives.  In the coming Golden Age, Affirmations will be the other half of our Prayer Life.  Prayer is how we ask GOD and the Great Ones to help us.  Affirmations is how we consciously participate with them to help bring what we're praying for into reality on the physical level.




The Violet Flame


The Violet Flame: The Ascended Master Saint Germain has brought forth the teaching of the Violet Flame to humanity at this time to help accelerate the cleansing and purifying of our feeling worlds so that we can more easily enter the coming Golden age as smoothly as possible.




The Tube of Light


The Tube of Light: The "Tube of Light"  is one of the principal forms of divine protection that the Ascended Master Saint Germain recommends his students to use.






The Angels and Angelic Realm: Angels are part of a vast group of benevolent heavenly beings who (for the most part) have never been in human form.  They guide and protect us, help us achieve our divine goals and on rare occasions they can appear to people if it is part of the Divine Plan to do so.  They are able to change their appearance at will and always choose an appearance that is appropriate for the particular service they are rendering at the moment.  We also have many hopeful, inspiring, dramatic real life stories of people being helped by Angels: Angel Stories.




Twin Rays & Soul Mates


Twin Rays & Soul Mates are one of the most popular of all spiritual topics!  Learn the difference between Twin Rays & Soul Mates and have the hope that once we Ascend we will blissfully & forever be with our eternal True Love in the Marriage "Made in Heaven".




The Golden Age


The Coming Golden Age of Universal

Loving Kindness and Goodness.  Most of the world's great spiritual teachings talk about the coming Golden Age of Universal Peace and Loving Kindness. The Ascended Masters teach us that we are even now beginning the early stages of transition into this wonderful coming Golden Age. And this is despite all of the wars and conflicts going on throughout the world.




Dangers on the Path


Dangers on the Path! Not all that glitters is gold. Just because you're seemingly starting to have dramatic "spiritual" experiences doesn't mean it's the real thing.  Read about how sneaky lower astral beings can simulate genuine spiritual experiences in order to start leading you astray!



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