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Roadmaps To Self-Realization


by Jack Hawley


Based on Jack Hawley's insightful

English version of the Bhagavad-Gita entitled:

The Bhagavad Gita: A Walkthrough for Westerners


This book, "Roadmaps To Self-Realization", meets a vital spiritual need. Readers of all levels can use it to easily assess where they are on the road to Self-Mastery and Self-Realization, and determine areas of their lives where they need to focus their spiritual practices.  Please click on the Introduction below to get started.


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Table of Contents


Introduction by the Author, Jack Hawley


About the Author


Personal Note from the Website Editor, Bill Gaum




The Spiritual Gift in Sheer Anguish

Knowing Atma (the True Self Within)

Do Your Duty In Life (Sva-dharma)

The Secret of Selfless Action (Karma Yoga)

Being An Illumined One (Sthithaprajna)

Which Path, Knowledge or Action?

The Law of Sacrifice

Work as God Works

Transmute Your Own Nature

10 The War Against Anger and Desire

11 The Avatar’s Declaration

12 Freedom From the Wheel of Karma

13 The Power of Self-Knowing

14 Which Path, Renunciation or Action?

15 Who Is The Doer?

16 Be a Jnani (Person of  Wisdom)

17 The Sure Signs of a Yogi

18 The Method of Meditation

19 Be An In-The-World Yogi

20 Spiritual Work is Never Wasted

21 Only One In Many Thousands

22 Knowing Me, Divinity

23 The Four Types of Devotees

24 Maya and the Gunas (Illusion and Nature)

25 Freeing From Attractions and Aversions

26 How to Die

27 After Death, What?

28 The Divine Mystery Unveiled

29 Cynics and Mahatmas

30 Endless Devotion!

31 You Get What You Seek

32 Knowing God, Part 1 (Vibhuti Yoga)

33 Knowing God, Part 2

34 Knowing God, Part 3

35 Knowing God, Part 4

36 A Thousand Suns (The Cosmic Form)

37 Be Saturated With Love

38 Saguna or Nirguna Brahman? (The Form or Formless God?)

39 Know the Order of Devotion

40 Being a Most Loved Devotee

41 Spirit and Matter

42 Being a Knower of the Field

43 Realize Brahman, the Supreme Godhead

44 Knowing and Loving the God Within

45 Be a Seer of Truth

46 The Whole Map

47 The Three Ropes

48 Being a Transcended One

49 Obtaining the Eye of Wisdom

50 Knowing the Supreme Absolute Self

51 Living a Divine Life

52 Suffering a Degenerate Life

53 Faith, Food, and Sacrifice

54 Purifying Thoughts, Words, Deeds

55 Charity, and “Om-Tat-Sat”

56 Renunciation

57 Knowing, Acting, and Doing

58 Cultivating Higher Mind

59 Be An Instrument

60 Be Happy!

61 Prescribed Duties in Society

62 How One Becomes Perfect

63 Convert Work Into Worship

64 The Highest of Truths (Surrender)

65 “I Will Do As You Command”