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How Do We Choose From All the Books "Out There"?


Nowadays, there is a flood of spiritual books on the market.  Some of them are high quality. Some of them are poor quality. Most of them are so-so. But only a few of them are pure "gold".  So, without some helpful guidance it can take many, many years to find the really good ones. To make it easy on you, the following are some of the highest, most helpful spiritual books that I've ever found. They are not the only good books out there, but they are some of the best. So, if time is precious to you, consider reading these books first, and then gradually adding other spiritual books to your reading list as you grow in spiritual illumination and connect with people of like heart and mind.


Believe Only That Which Rings True in Your Heart


Since even the most highly illumined and awakened spiritual authors aren't perfect, you may want to take the following advice as you read.  My spiritual teacher, Pearl, once told me:


“Whatever book you may be reading – take out of it that which rings true to you, and leave the rest behind.”


This is sound advice to any spiritual seeker.  And even though the books recommended here are some of the finest spiritual books on the planet and contain many transcendent truths, yet only a few of them fall into a category that I would consider as virtually flawless.  So dear reader, please use Pearl’s wise advice.  And as you take out of these books the golden truths that “ring true” in your heart, while leaving the behind the minor flaws, you will gather to yourself a treasure trove of spiritual wisdom.  And then don't forget to happily, earnestly and patiently put this helpful wisdom into practice in your life.  Otherwise, the job is only "half done".


So just click on the various book categories in the menu on the upper left portion of this page to peruse the recommended book titles and a brief description of each one.


By the way, we do not sell any books through this website, because we try to have as little to do with money as possible.  So please just purchase the books from your favorite bookstore or online.


Happy reading dear friends, and best wishes on your spiritual journey to greater enlightenment, purpose, contentment & bliss.


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