Protecting Angel


by Phil


It was just another perfect day for me. I was on my way home from work and enjoying the beautiful Indian summer. What a splendid day it was. Beautiful fall colors. I was traveling on my usual route northward on Hickory Ridge Road just north of Milford Michigan. It was late September. Life was good and if you had asked me, I would of told you so. Not a cloud in the sky and a great day to be alive driving down a country road. I was very thankful for so many things and felt truly blessed in so many ways.


This is what happened. As I was driving home northward on Hickory Ridge, and had just passed Lone Tree Road, I noticed something very shiny in a farmer's field just to my right. I was doing about 50 miles per hour and this shiny figure caught my eye. As the light got brighter and more defined, I recognized what I was seeing and immediately slammed on the brakes. What I saw standing in this farmer's field was a figure of an angel! This angel was extraordinarily bright, very tall, and glistening silver, yellow, gold and white. This angel was standing approximately 50 to 60 yards away from me in a farmers field draped in a white robe, shoulder length blond hair, large white vertically retracted wings, and a glowing white and yellow halo above it's head. This sight was so startling to me I just immediately slammed on the brakes. I just wanted to stop as I couldn't believe what I was seeing!


As I was rapidly slowing down my eyes were just glued to the angel. I wasn't thinking, I was just reacting and attempting to stop. My speed deceased significantly in a very short amount of time. My intention was to completely come to a screeching halt and just stare at the angel. To my amazement, and just before my vehicle came to a complete stop, my angel simply vanished and disappeared into thin air. Where a gleaming angel was standing just a few second before, there now was just a fence post standing in my angel's place.


Concerned that there could be other vehicles directly behind me, and approaching fast, I quickly sped back up. So many things were racing through my mind all at the same time, it's a little difficult to explain. My biggest concern was that is was a warning, from God, to impending danger. I can't begin to tell you how intently focused I became and instantly aware of of my surroundings while regaining speed. But as I sped back up to 50 miles per hour everything looked normal and seemed just fine. I was no further away than a mile from my angel encounter when all of a sudden, out of nowhere, jumped out onto the road, right in front of me, the biggest white-tailed deer you could have imagined.


Once again I just slammed on the brakes, but this time I came to screeching halt. I hardly had time to stop and just missed the big deer by inches. The big deer then quickly bounded off to the other side of the road and ran safely out into an open field. If I had been going any faster I would of smashed right into this deer broadside with no time to react.


As I started back down the road I immediately realized that if I hadn't slammed on the brakes earlier, when my angel had appeared, thus slowing me down for a few seconds, I would have smashed right into this big deer. I certainly was paying very close attention to the road when the deer jumped out in front of me. The deer could have come crashing through my window or worse. Traffic had just passed me and there was more traffic coming down the road. It could of been one gigantic disaster. I thank God for the vision he gave me of my angel that day and I will never forget what I saw.


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