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The Power of Prayer


What is Prayer?


Praying is simply talking to our Mother-Father GOD, (the Infinite Buddha Nature, the Divine Mother, the Great Spirit, or whatever is our favorite term for "GOD"), like a child talks to a loving trusted adult who can help them.  Usually we are thanking GOD for all the blessings that GOD has given us and asking GOD for various kinds of divine assistance in our lives.  While this conversation generally seems to be one-sided, in reality our Mother-Father GOD is seeing our heart's desire and listening to each and every word and continually pouring love, light, inspiration and divine assistance into us as we pray.


The Secret to Prayer is Sincerity and Patience


There are many different ways to pray and different kinds of prayer, but the secret to all forms of prayer is the same: it is sincerity - sincerity and patience.  Patience is necessary because our Mother-Father GOD works from the "inside out" and it sometimes takes quite a while for this process to come into fruition. That's why patience is so crucial.


What Should We Say When We're Praying?


Some people like to pray in their own words, just sharing their heart-felt gratitude and love with God and asking GOD for whatever particular assistance they need in their lives at the present moment.  Other people like to use well-established prayers such as the famous "Our Father" which is used by many Christians.  And when people pray out loud as a group it's usually more convenient to use an established prayer that everyone already knows.  Also, many people like to blend the two ways -  sometimes using their own words and sometimes using established prayers.  Just follow your heart and do what feels right to you.


Here is a typical prayer that I might say during the day.  (My daily prayers vary according to the current things I'm grateful for and I am needing):


Oh, Beloved Mother-Father GOD, thank you for all the blessings that I've been receiving. Thank you for the inner peace, the joy, and the divine inspiration.   Please help me to be ever kinder in everything I think, feel, say and do.   Please help me to be more forgiving, more courageous, and to have greater patience and endurance.  And please guide and protect me always.  Amen.


How Often Should

We Pray?


How often one prays varies considerably from person to person.   Usually once one gets the hang of it it becomes more frequent, because it feels so good inside. But it's a good idea to pray at least once a day.  And remember: A 30 second prayer is tons better than none at all!




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Some Helpful Prayers


Please click on whatever prayers below

your heart pulls you to:


"Oh Lord, Take My Love!" - a sweet prayer by Sathya Sai Baba.

"Our Father"  - a very popular Christian prayer.


"Prayer of Saint Francis" - a beautiful prayer of helpfulness towards others.


"Self-Realization Prayer" - a prayer I created to gain a greater feeling for Self-Realization.


"Serenity Prayer" - a helpful prayer that balances the feeling of "divine surrender" with that of hopeful action.


"The Soul's Prayer" – a beautifully written prayer by Christian Larson that affirms our Oneness with GOD and GOD's Divine Qualities.



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Over time I will be adding more prayers in this prayer section.  It takes a while to create a website like this!  I pray that your prayer life will be deeply rewarding.

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